Saturday, January 26, 2013

Putting my new MixedCon KitchenAid oven to work!

That gorgeous new KitchenAid gas range I won at Mixed has arrived!
Truthfully, it arrived two weeks ago; however, two things prevented
me from telling you all about it... First, there was the trip we took last
weekend to welcome Ranger back from his deployment. And, secondly...
There's the matter of the fact that our KitchenAid microwave doesn't
at all match my beautiful new KitchenAid gas range! I moved quickly
to remedy this situation by immediately ordering the microwave that
does match my new range; however, instead of coming home to find it
installed yesterday, I came home to a message saying it's on back order!
Showing you this mis-match aside, let me tell you about how much I love my
new KitchenAid gas range. I love it! I wasn't totally sold at first... I mean, the
fact that these new cast iron grates aren't porcelain-coated and smooth like the
grates on my KitchenAid Superba model really bothered me. Mainly because I
worry about scuffing up the bottoms of my LeCreuset Dutch ovens and braiser!
However, after speaking with KitchenAid about it, I learned that these new burners are
so powerful, they would cook the porcelain coating right off my old grates! Powerful
is good... And, the better news is that like any cast iron, these grates will season, so
over time they'll become as smooth as my old grates. Which makes me very happy!
The other thing that makes me happy is how well these burners function. I've
never boiled water as fast as I do now! And, the oven is just as incredible. It
preheats in no time at all and although I hadn't used it myself until today, I
was told it baked fish fillets and french fries perfectly last Thursday night. So
today was my turn and, the first thing I wanted to bake was cookies! But not
just any cookies. You see, there's a few special kids I know that got together to
send the Ranger and his buddies a care package, which means they must have
cookies! And, I can't think of any better than Sweet Dani B's magic bunny! sells Dani's most popular cookie shapes so you better
hurry and click here to add this charming copper cookie cutter to your
collection before Easter comes and they're all sold out! Speaking of great
cookie cutters, I have been dying to use that sweet little Martha by Mail
Eggs cookie cutter set I got for my birthday... And, today was my day!
I also created a few ice skate cookies!
One thing led to another and pretty soon I
was cutting out all sorts of cute cookies!
It was a spectacular day in my kitchen!
I cannot wait to decorate these bunnies for all those sweet kids!
And, my eggs and Scottie dogs too!
I know exactly who these puppies belong to!
Oh, look... There's another adorable Sweet Dani B bunny cookie
cutter. Okay, someone please stop me before I end up baking all night!
Before I turn off the oven I want to thank Paula and Susan
again for inviting me to attend Mixed. It was an incredible blog
conference and even before being named the winner of this amazing
KitchenAid gas range, I knew I'd be returning this year for Mixed II!


  1. Maybe if I had a better oven, I would bake.

  2. That is one lovely looking range and it certainly looks like it baked up some beautiful cookies. Have fun decorating!

  3. Glad you found out about the cast iron seasoning. I use well seasoned cast iron cookware on my glass top stove and it hasn't been damaged by using it.
    Hopefully your microwave will be arriving soon and all will be well with your kitchen once again.
    Those cookies had my mouth watering and they haven't been iced and decorated yet.

  4. Where did you acquire the Scottie Dog cookie cutter? I have an aunt who LOVES Scotties!

  5. Unknown... I purchased it via e-Bay. You might try searching for Scottie (or terrier) copper cookie cutter. Good luck! xo

  6. What a beautiful oven! And how exciting to get the matching microwave. I love the white! I have a convection oven that I have never tried to use... the builder put it in our house. Usually I just get mad at the oven because it's so much smaller than the one I had for years at the old house.

    Can't wait to see decorated cookies! woohoo! I have joined a "secret pal" thing with some friends and my secret pal is a baker. I'm planning to buy her a copper cookie cutter each month (you've inspired me) so I'm thrilled to have the link to CopperGifts! Thanks!

    As always, praying for your Ranger.


  7. I love the new oven! It's beautiful! I can't wait to see those cookies decorated!!

  8. I love the shapes, and the cute cookie cutters!

  9. I'm always envious of people with new kitchen ranges. It looks like a dream to work with! Cheers Janet!

  10. Okay Janet... I'm getting ready to try the sugar cookie baking and decorating thing again! Think good thoughts for me this time! LOL!

  11. Great post, and GORGEOUS new stove. Gotta admit, I was green with envy!

    ... and don't forget to post your finished cookies! XO

    See you at @mixedcon this year!

  12. For others, it's a complimentary thing to their kitchen that gives them adaptability and flexibility.


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