Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sur la Table summer clearance event!

Wednesday evening I noticed that most of the things I've been eyeballing
at Sur la Table for a while hit the clearance section of their website...
So naturally, I called my semi-local SLT store to ask if by chance they
still had my goodies on hand. And, when they confirmed that they did...
I asked them to hold them for me! Then, SpaBoy and I jumped in the Mini
after work Thursday evening and went to pick up my haul! Turns out, my
discovery of SLT's summer clearance event was perfectly timed because
today was their side-walk sale and, the place was PACKED. Oooops...!
I guess I just confessed to going back this afternoon for more goodies!


  1. Is that a mixer in a measuring cup? Cool idea :)

  2. I love your bargains! Because of my location, I have to do my SLT shopping online, so I miss the kind of treasures you find. Maybe I should check back in to see what is left! :)

  3. I love it! I'm from Oklahoma and we don't have any of the outlets like you do but if we did I would so be there. Love your blog always have. How's the garden and the boys?

    Valerie and


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