Sunday, September 16, 2012

Black Forest-inspired Cookies!

So guess what?!
SpaBoy helped me stock up on all of mom and dad's Aveda favorites and, I
have been very busy making cookies because mom, dad and the Ranger...
Are on their way and will be here tomorrow afternoon!
I'm so excited, I can't sit still. Which works in favor of this little project of mine!
The last time I sent my parents cookies, my mom refused to eat them...
She said they were too pretty to eat! So at this moment, the
mitten and snow globe cookies I made around Christmas last
year are still sitting on the bookcase in my parents' family room!
So I told my mom that I'd have plenty of cookies waiting for them
when they visit this time and, that I would insist they eat them!
The theme for this cookie collection was inspired by the long walks our
family used to take in Germany after every dinner meal through the dark
forests of Bavaria. It was my favorite time of day... I was fascinated by how
my Oma knew exactly which wild mushrooms we could pick and which ones
would kill us instantly if it ended up in our soup! And, every time we came
upon a deer feeding stand, I would tell my Oma how very much I wished we
would see some deer! She would always nod and say, maybe the next time...
That experience is also why I decorate our Christmas tree with
plenty of woodland creatures and bright red glass mushrooms!
Now when I hatched this plan I was short one deer cookie cutter, so of
course, I put out an S.O.S call to our friend Beth at!
Who put her wonderful husband to work designing one
perfect deer-shaped copper cookie cutter just for me!
I have to tell you... As excited as I am to see my parents and the Ranger...
You must know what his being on leave to come home means, right?
It means we have a date for deployment #4. Just thinking
about it makes me feel like I'm going to thrown up...
Proud but Terrified still sums it up. That part of this Army-mom
gig never changes. But for right now I'm only going to focus on the
wonderful things we have planned for this visit. And, boy! Do let
me tell you... The agenda is PACKED! But first, I take delivery of
my new Jeep tomorrow. Yes. Sadly, the mini Cooper had to go...
As much as I enjoyed it, the fact is that it was terribly impractical as a daily
driver. When it was just a weekend toy, it was fine; however, after I sold
the Expedition and started driving it every day is when I realized it just
didn't fit into my lifestyle. By the time I loaded my gym bag and my
yoga mat and my cycling shoes, there was barely enough room for
my purse, let alone me! And, while cruising with the top down,
listening to my iPod was fun on weekends when traffic is light,
commuting in my Mini in a sea of SUV's just wasn't my idea of fun!
I can't tell you how many times I came this close to being toast!
So I left Mini at the Jeep dealer yesterday and drove away in a loaner
they gave me until mine comes down from Richmond, Virginia... I
fought hard for her though. I sold her as hard as the saleswoman
sold me on the Jeep. And, in the end, I walked away quite satisfied!
So while I baked this afternoon, the man that loves me
put a reorg smack-down on my area of the garage...
To ensure that my new Jeep will fit...
I know... I miss her too!
But I'm sure looking forward to seeing eye-to-eye with my fellow
commuters tomorrow and arriving to work relaxed and unafraid!
Before I forget, I have to tell you about my latest obsession with collecting
these giant Martha Stewart copper cookie cutters. As you know, Martha's
Martha by Mail catalog business was discontinued in late '04. And, when
it went away my heart was broken forever... Because let's be honest, while
there are a few things worth having, most of the products under the Martha
Stewart name at Kmart and now at Macy*s are crap. Well, crap might be a
little strong, but not when you compare them to the things once offered in
the Martha by Mail catalog. I have several fabulous things I picked up from
the catalog that are still going strong in our home today! Sadly, I wasn't
creating decorated sugar cookies back when Martha by Mail offered these
amazing giant cookie cutters. Now the only way to get them is to wrestle
other collectors for them on e-Bay and other auction websites... Which stinks!
Nevertheless, I hope to eventually own them all... Wish me luck!
After all his hard work in the garage, Army Dad deserves cupcakes!
He's a marble fudge kinda guy!
While my cuppies baked, I put the finishing touches on a pair of socks
for a friend. She liked the sock cookies I created for the sock marketing
team so much she asked me to make a couple for her to give to someone
on her DTC team. While I was at it, I couldn't help make an extra one
to thank SpaBoy for coming through for me on the Aveda products!
So now that the cookies and the cupcakes
are done, I'm ready for some company!
I hope everyone enjoys these cookies
as much as I enjoyed creating them!
Especially my Mom! There shall be no
excuse as to why she cannot eat them...
And, since there is little chance they'll
survive the flight back to California...
Mom will be forced to enjoy them here...
With me!
As I baked for my family today, I received an e-mail from a friend
that recently lost her mother. Tonight I am sending all my love to
her and to anyone missing their parents. Believe me when I tell you...
I am so very grateful for what is about to be!


  1. Janet~

    Once again, you inspire me! What an absolutely beautiful job you've done. I see why your Mom thinks they're too cute to eat, because they are.

    Enjoy every minute of your time together.

    Go make some memories!


    Mary Kay

  2. I finally discovered your blog! Lovely, I'm going to put a link to it on mine. :)


  3. I can't believe the Ranger is being deployed again so soon. God's speed to him for a safe return home. Enjoy this precious time with him and your parents. They will love all your baking, the cookies are beautiful. I'm going to miss your Mini too :( and know you will love your Jeep just as much.
    I am loving those huge Martha cutters. That butterfly one really caught my particular reason LOL.

  4. Wow...what beautiful art you created with your cookies. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family...full of love, life and laughter.

    Sorry to hear the Ranger will be deploying again...makes the Army mom is me have those feeling right along with you. I know one day my warrior will be leaving us for deployment...and I know that I will never be prepared for that. Stay Strong...


  5. Have a wonderful visit with all of your family, Janet! I will be saying prayers for deployment #4.

    I wouldn't want to eat your cookies either!! They are way too beautiful! You need to send one (or 20) to eat -- and one to keep. That would be good. :)

  6. Hi Janet,
    Long time, no see! Your cookies are so perfectly done and they are all just as dear (I couldn't resist) as can be! I love them all! The toadstools are so charming! I have no doubt that someday you will be the proud owner of the complete set of Martha Stewart's large copper cookie cutters:) Enjoy the time with you precious son!

  7. Cookies are beautiful. I hope you enjoy the time with your family!! And good luck with the new Jeep when it gets to you. :)

  8. Hope you're enjoying your wonderful week with the Ranger and your folks!!! Hugs, Andrea


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