Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday, Friday Estate Auction Finds

Last night after work, SpaBoy and I met to attend an estate auction
nearby where I immediately noticed these pieces of Orrefors crystal!
I liked both pieces, especially since they are perfect; however, it
was the smaller piece I wanted most. Prices at the auction were
insanely low. We watched exceptionally high-quality furniture sell
for $5 and three golf bags on wheels, each filled with $100 clubs go
for $35! So I had high hopes for a great bargain on Swedish crystal!
I was surprised when the auctioneer put them up together...
and described them simply as two, glass vases...
Pleasantly surprised, that is!
Because besides me, there was only one other lady there interested
in a pair of glass vases. Fortunately, her interest waned after $10...
Which meant both pieces came home with me for a whopping $15!
Talk about the price being right!
This morning, SpaBoy and I headed over to Haverty's where he took
my advice and purchased a super-comfy red sectional and a gorgeous
leather chaise that I knew would look ah-mazing in his house!
After that, we popped in at another estate auction!
There was quite a crowd. So while prices were still extra-cheap...
There weren't many steals like the ones we witnessed last night!
There were quite a few things that caught my eye...
I managed to resist most of them. There was a bike I almost took home though. Of
course, I have a great bike and don't need another one... However, when I took a
close look at the owners manual and saw the receipt from Paul's inside, I gave
it a second look! Turns out, it's this and at the time it was purchased, three
years ago, the former owner paid $720 for the bike, helmet and a lock!
The competition was fairly stiff so I let it go after it
reached my limit of $325. I say, good for the new owner!
The main reason we were there is because SpaBoy
saw a stained glass window that caught his eye...
It's now at home with him where it belongs!
We didn't stay too much longer after the furniture
and appliances inside the house was sold...
But we did stick around to see how much the '04 Bimmer went for...
And of course, to see who was brave enough
to liberate the hand chair from the driveway!
Which, for the rest of the day we referred
to as the forty dollars worth of funkiness!


  1. Your crystal pieces were a STEAL and I can't believe that you passed up on a white cake plate. I love it!

  2. Do you find these things in the newspaper or on craigslist?

  3. You lucky thing - those vases are gorgeous! I think I want to move down by you. I just started doing estate sales, but none with quite so many goodies. Fun to watch from a distance.

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! All that perfect Fenton hobnail glass! In turquoise and cranberry opalescent and "glowing green"! How did you pass up that cake plate witht he sweet ruffled edge? It took me years to find a perfect one in the bright turquoise opalescent. I would have been a hot mess with all of that glass. love that mirrored table too!


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