Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friday Night Auction Finds...

I intended to share my fun Friday night estate auction finds with you
earlier; however, I've been rattled since witnessing a fatality accident
on the way there. The scene was horrific and I knew better than to look.
I mean, I never look. Ever! I always turn my head or cover my eyes...
I blame looking into the car on the shock of what we'd just seen, which seemed
to happen in extreme sss-llll-ooo-wwww motion... But I looked. And, what I saw
is something I am still seeing right now. In an instant a life was gone forever. As
I watched the steam slowly rise from the engine of the car, I imagined her soul
was floating on the air with it. Someone on their way home. Someone waiting...
Of course, the auction did little to distract... But we tried really, really hard to force
other thoughts. The crowd was light, mainly due to the fact that we were one of the
very few cars able to pass before traffic was halted to allow emergency vehicles to
reach the scene. Nonetheless, I snapped up this beautiful 1800's-something iron-
stone platter I immediately imagined in this very spot in my kitchen for just $22
And this piece, marked Redfield Rice, New York!
I'm a sucker for anything with feet and this has the best feet! Not
sure yet what to do with it but for just $15 it seemed like a must-have!
Speaking of must-haves!
I had to have it. I mean, Chicken Chowder? Come on now... That's funny!
Oddly, this was the only item I really had to fight for! However, in
the end, $40 proved too steep for everyone else so my $35 bid was
the chicken-dinner winner! Again, no idea what to do with it but
we washed it up and set it here out in the garden sunshine to dry!
As I washed up my chicken chowder find it occurred to me that
the footed silver tray might have a place here in the living room...
Because everyone knows...
Chocolate deserves to be elevated!


  1. I'm so sorry about the accident. Youcame home with some great items! I am also finding myself attracted to silver/stainless pieces. I can't afford silver! I recently acquired a stainless Kromax lazy susan. I haven't had a chance to post about it yet.

  2. When my kids were little, we saw a similar accident on the way to Charlotte. It was horrible, and Lib still remembers it, 15+ years later.
    Where is this Friday night auction? You got some great stuff!! I may have to tag along some time.

  3. I heard about the accident here in California (on the Weather Channel)...I remember thinking, Army Mom lives near there. Anyway, love the candy dish. Jan S.

  4. I am so sorry you had to witness that and thought about the times I've seen similar scenes. I think your finds are absolutely gorgeous. The Chicken Chowder item reminds me of chicken feeders that had a gallon jar turned upside down filled with chicken feed that operated like a bird feeder does. We had several of them in our chicken yard. There was an extra piece or two to ours though. We also had some that held water for them to drink. Thanks for the chicken memories brought on by your post. It helped with the flashbacks I had of many faces in auto accident deaths. It will take some time for it to be filed away in your memory and overtaken with more pleasant thoughts. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers about it.

  5. I'm sorry you had to witness that tragic accident. I always close my eyes too and look the other way and offer up a prayer.
    Your finds are beautiful. The platter looks great on the wall and I'm sure you will find something very creative and wonderful to do with the Chicken Chowder item :)


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