Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday Night Auction Favor and a few Finds of my Own!

While collecting our finds at last Friday's auction, SpaBoy
and I peeked in on the items on deck for the next auction...
These items were to be sold to settle the estate of one, Pieter Hoekstra, a well-
traveled and fairly interesting man. You can read about him here. As SpaBoy
and I previewed what Uncle Pieter's beneficiaries had willed to us to own, we
very quickly decided that mid-century modern kitsch and Danish furniture
really wasn't our thing. However, there was one piece that caught his eye...
It was this massive quartz cluster!
Unfortunately, his schedule didn't allow SpaBoy to attend last night's Hoekstra
auction. Fortunately, he had a proxy bidder willing to attend for him... Me!
I'm happy to report the quartz cluster is now at home with SpaBoy and
that he is very pleased. And, I'm pleased that I only had to go $25 past
his limit because I anticipated much more competition! SpaBoy didn't
know it, but I was willing to double his limit to ensure he got it. When I
saw my competition struggling to raise his paddle to make his last bid,
I knew it was in the bag for me... One more little bid and it was mine!
There wasn't too much else at this auction I wanted
to take home... Except for this pair of crystal rose bowls!
I haven't even filled the one I picked up at last week's auction with
roses yet... And, I surely don't need another flower vase... But these are
marked Kate Spade, New York (Lenox) - And, the pattern, June Meadow
is discontinued... Put together, it equaled a solid mandate to grab them!
I didn't pay much attention to the collection of vintage Blenko glass until all
of it was put up together. Of course, I couldn't pass up the chance to pick up eight
pieces of vintage Blenko from the 70's for less than the cost of this hurricane!
In the 70's, it appear Mrs. Hoekstra paid $4.50 each. Today, these
cost just a bit more. But what I wonder the most is why she never
used them. I wondered the same thing at last week's auction when
they sold 2 Rolex watches, described as never worn. It started me
thinking... Why not use this stuff and enjoy it? I'm sure going to!
And to prove it, I've worn my Rolex twice this week and washed
 the stickers right off all the old but new-to-me Blenko pieces! Not
the foil labels though... Just the paper ones. Baby steps... Right?
The last things that caught my eye at the auction
last night were these puzzle-piece candle holders!
I almost didn't bid on them after I noticed a tiny chip
on the smaller one. But since the tall one is perfect, I
told myself to just think of the chip as a bent corner!
I love the way they play...
And fit together!
And, at just $20 for the pair... The bent corner becomes totally acceptable!
The way these rose bowls were displayed at the auction house, I thought
they were two different sizes... But they're not. They are exactly the same!
Everything cleaned up spectacularly well!
And, I have plans for all of it!
Big, Bold, Bright...
Happy plans!
I hear a lot after these posts I write about the goodies we drag home from
these estate auctions from readers wondering about how good the prices
really are... And, I don't mind telling you. Even though I know it might
increase the competition for me! For the Kate Spade rose bowls, I paid
$30 for the pair. For all eight pieces of Blenko, $80. And, you already
know the Libera puzzle-piece candle holders were mine for only $20
Which left plenty for jelly beans!
As you can see here, the bargain on the rose bowls is particularly swell!
So I splurged on two dozen roses this afternoon! 

southern hospitality


  1. Oh my goodness, at the beautiful glass. I'm with Spa Boy in that the first thing that caught my eye in the first photo was the cluster of quartz. That thing is beautiful and I thought I was going to see it at your house but then you said Spa Boy and I knew I would never see it again in any of your photos in the future,sigh. I'm happy for Spa Boy though and know he appreciates your assistance in aquiring it for him. I was impressed with your choices and the roses make the bowls look even more spectacular. Good bidding I say. Enjoy! Now I'll go back to the first photo and drool for awhile. What will you show us next, can hardly wait to see.

  2. We NEVER have auctions where I live in CT. So Sad...but if we did I would probably be there everytime and be very poor.

  3. That is s o. C h e a p. we never get them here either. Or estate sales. Very rare.

    1. Come on over to North Carolina, Christina! The auctions are always pretty darn cheap for these types of things - and furniture too! xo


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