Sunday, June 10, 2012

Maxwell... Is it really you?

Since the installation of the built-in bookcase for our library room, we've
been searching for the perfect sofa. Well, one of us has been searching. My
search ended two years ago when I met Maxwell at Restoration Hardware!
Two weeks ago, after learning it was on sale, we made a bee-line for Durham
to place the order. However, when it came time to swipe, I decided to give
myself one more week to see if I couldn't figure out a way not to pay $4,000!
And, I did it! Well, actually, Meaghan Leonard at Haverty's did it! You
see, after touring the showroom and finding nothing similar, I began to
describe my beloved RH Maxwell to Meaghan - And, as soon as I finished,
she announced that she had exactly what I was looking for upstairs. In the...
Clearance Center! Where today, all pieces were another 20% off! Of course, we
had no interest in arranging delivery. This bargain was coming home today!
Before anyone could change their mind! Turns out, Restoration
Hardware's Maxwell is also Haverty's Maya collection!
Regularly priced, the Maya collection by Haverty's is very
nearly the same cost as Restoration Hardware. However...
Timing is everything... And today, on-sale timing was completely on my side!
What wasn't on our side is the width of the doorway to our library room!
Certain scary adjustments had to be made. Besides...
Trim guys have to eat too! And tomorrow, our favorite trim and
molding guy will be busy putting this doorway back together!
Because this... Was happening!
One way...
Or another!
By the way... The Maya collection is being discontinued so everything is on sale
right now. Therefore, I ordered the matching ottoman... It'll be here on Tuesday!
As Meaghan wrote up the ottoman for me, I browsed through a mix
of decorator items on the clearance table and found this interesting
candle holder. I asked one of the associates if it was $50 or $5, and she
explained it was $5 now because the glass hurricane that belonged to it
was accidentally broken. Well, heck! Guess who just happens to have...
The perfect hurricane top for it?
Monogrammed, of course!
If you're in the market for furniture, especially if you're looking for
the Maxwell sofa at Restoration Hardware without the Restoration
Hardware price tag... You need to call Meaghan at Haverty's!


  1. As soon as I saw the photo of the couch I said, "Maxwell"....we have had our eye on Maxwell too ;) OH how I'd love a new couch. Looks like you really got a great deal on Maya :)She's a beauty.

  2. You really do have the best timing :) Hoping the trim guys fees to finish the doorway don't add up to the difference you saved on the sofa LOL.

  3. My new couch just came on Thursday and it is crap! I called right after they dropped it off and told them to come back and get it. You can see staples and you can also see staples under the leather. On, the search again! Good grief! I've been waiting 6 months!

    I really like yours! No Haverty's around here. Might have to go on a road trip!

  4. It was great to meet you Mrs. Bridge and I am so glad you like your sofa. It looks great in your library! It was a pleasure working with you. Let me know if I can help with the next adventure!



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