Friday, June 8, 2012

My new personal Stylist and a Giveaway: Lilla Rose

Last week I received an e-mail from a reader inviting
me to try one of her hair accessories. Jackie told me
that after viewing my profile photo and seeing my hair,
she knew I needed a little of her Lilla Rose in my life!
The only question I had was, how did Jackie know I also need a personal
stylist? I mean, in terms of personal style, I'm pretty much a no-frills kind
of girl. At work there must be a certain amount of frill, but when I'm at home
or not at work, it's like extreme make-over in major reverse. I've actually seen
coworkers in the market or at the gym who didn't recognize me. Which is just fine!
After contacting Jackie back, she asked me to visit her website to choose a
Flexi-Clip she would send me to try. However, after an hour scanning all the
beautiful style options, I had to admit I needed some help! Mostly because Lilla
Rose Flexi-Clips look nothing like any hair accessory I have ever seen! They
certainly don't resemble the elastics I've settled for to keep my hair out of
my face because barrettes, no matter how expensive or fancy, always break!
So I asked Jackie for a little help... And, just like my own personal stylist,
she picked two perfect Flexi-Clips to compliment my no-frills, wanna-be
feminine style. Jackie promised my Flexi-Clips would be easy to use, strong
enough to hold all of my hair in place all day, and best of all, Not break!
Jackie was right... On all counts!
As soon as I held the Flexi-Clip in my hand I was impressed! It truly is
stunning jewelry for my hair. And, within minutes I was experimenting
with a variety of different styles. I love that the Flexi-Clip gives my hair
effortless style and adds a pretty touch I didn't know I wanted! Best of
all, no more baseball caps for me when I'm driving with the top down!
Flexi-Clips come in seven sizes to fit hair of all lengths and textures. Best
of all, there's a whole Lilla Rose product line of functional, unique hair jewelry
to choose from. Jackie can help you choose hairbands, bobby pins, hair sticks and
even necklaces, earrings and other things to help compliment your personal style!
Now for the good stuff!

Just in time for those must-have summer up-do's, Jackie from Lilla Rose, has offered to help one of my readers choose a Flexi-Clip or any other item priced $15 or less from her website. To enter, just leave a comment here for a chance to win! For extra entries: Join Jackie's Facebook page and/or visit her on-line product catalog and come back to tell me you did and which Lilla Rose styles are on your list! Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, June 11th.


Nanners was selected at random to receive one Flexi-Clip!
However, because I love all my readers and want each of you kind
enough to respond to this give-away to experience Lilla Rose for
yourself, I have arranged with Jackie for you to receive one free
Flexi-Clip when you purchase 3. For your buy 3/get one free
coupon, please send Jackie an e-mail to:

The legal stuff: Jackie offered to send me 2 Flexi-Clips to sample. I was not asked to write a review; however, after trying them and loving them, I decided to make Jackie my own personal Lilla Rose representative and, I offered to help promote Jackie's business and her kindness via my blog. Thanks, Jackie!


  1. As I am pretty close to bald, I don't think pulling my hair back is an option. But these are really pretty!

  2. Love the idea of "hair jewelry!". I'm one of those crazy girls who cuts her hair shorter in the winter and leaves it longer in the summer so that I can wear it up! A simple ponytail with one of those elastic thingeys is about as fancy as I get--I'd love one of these for sassy summer evenings!

  3. That sounds so nice. My three daughters and myself have very thick hair and we also have a hard time finding something more than those elastic pony holders to put our hair back. I will definitely look into this. Thanks for sharing such a good thing with your readers.

  4. OK the sea turtle one got my attention! Saving this link. Thanks!

  5. I think I liked the O-clips on her site. I have always wanted to wear something in my hair, but never knew how (I would definitely need Jackie's help picking something out!!). The ones you have shown are beautiful!!

    Maureen G

  6. Beautiful Clips!! Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!

  7. That is certainly a beautiful hair barrette!!! I'd love to win one!

  8. Pretty! Where's a shot of your hair though? I want to see how it looks on you!

  9. Wow, those clips are beautiful. I have very long hair (past my bottom). I normally put in a baseball cap and use a couple of elastic bands to hold it in place. I would love to try this out. Thanks Jane S. clawd1a(at)hotmail(dot)com

  10. Okay, I'm willing to try anything for my hair. I love the different designs. I want one, please.

  11. I love these clips! They are so elegant and can make a normal ponytail look GLAMOROUS

  12. I like Jackie on Facebook

  13. I love the Elegant ornate center flexi clip

  14. Hi Janet! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!! Those clips look lovely! I have thick curly hair and I am always looking for something fun to put in it when I am going out. =) (Lots of times I use my good old claw clip bc I can claw it up and go! lol)

  15. Went onto the website...oh my! The flexi-clip looks so cool but the O-ring is pretty too. I just can't choose! Maybe I'll order one of each!

  16. What absolutely beautiful hair jewelry. I plan to get one for my daughter for her birthday.

  17. my daughter has 2 of the clips and loves them

  18. like the horse flexi clip

  19. My thanks to all of you who responded to Jackie's give away!



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