Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trip #12... Not that I'm counting or anything!

One thing about visiting Ft. Benning...
Twelve times in two and a half years since the Ranger enlisted...
Is how much the base has changed...
And, evolved since our first visit!
All of this at the entrance to the base is new...
And, I do think it's a better and a very fitting and grand way to welcome visitors...
Coming to see their loved ones who are training
and/or stationed here... So far from their homes
We've watched the highway into Ft. Benning improve, we've seen the
National Infantry Museum pop up and even witnessed the field where
our Ranger graduated from basic training get a complete make-over. The
work here goes on seven days a week too. It's Sunday, and there are work crews
busy paving roads and planting new shrubs and trees. And, you know what? Those
men working to pave roads and plants trees on a Sunday are being paid more on
a per-hour basis than our men and women in uniform. There's something up-side
down about that, if you ask me. We had dinner with the Ranger and a couple of his
battle-buddies... They joke about the dental clinics that have been closed down and
the chow halls that don't operate on weekends... All in an effort by the current
administration to save money. I say,... Cut back on planting the $600 shrubs and
make it more convenient for our sons and daughters in uniform to get their teeth
cleaned and to have a warm meal whenever they want it. But that's just me!
As usual, our time with the Ranger has been wonderful... He told me today
there is nothing to worry about. And, I'm holding him to those words!
I believe him... But seeing him off to his third deployment in less
than two and a half years still feels and sounds like this in my head...

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  1. I would have to agree with you 100% on the whole planting shrubs and not providing for our men and women in uniform. Thank you so much for your blog and for letting "us" strangers into your personal life. I found your blog not to long ago and absolutely love it!

    I do have to say that I was so inspired by your christmas ornaments that I found a Sur La Table close to home and went and bought some of their ornaments. I also found the cutest little mushroom ornament at Pier 1 and purchased it in your honor.

    Thank you again!

    Holly (


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