Friday, December 30, 2011

A couple of Finds and getting back to Basics with CLEAN!

Before I tell you about one of my resolutions for the New Year, I must show
you one of my last finds during our run-away from for Christmas trip
this past week... I couldn't believe my luck when I found this beautiful
Infant Jesus of Prague statue in an antique shop in Warrenton,
Va. Usually when I find them, these statues are in poor condition so
to find one this pretty, and with the fingers intact is especially rare!
Fortunately, I have just the spot for it!
 There are no visible signs of Christmas left in the rest of the house...
But I am not yet ready to dismantle and put away these things
on the console so I'm going to enjoy them a little while longer!
Another of my last finds during our tour through
Northern Virginia's antique shops is this jelly fish!
I need another paperweight like I want to raise another teenager;
but this reminds me just slightly of the Richard Satava moon
jellyfish piece I have always wanted... So I brought it home!
And, I'm glad I did!
 You know what they say... You rarely regret what you buy, only the things you
don't buy. Had I not taken it home, I would be thinking about it right now!
Okay... Usually I don't make resolutions but since I have resolved to get back
to basics with CLEAN and the new year is less than 48-hours away, I'm calling
this a New Year's resolution! Truth is... I've strayed far off the balance I found
a year and a half ago when I first discovered CLEAN and frankly, I feel exactly
like the garbage I've been eating. Fortunately, CLEAN is extremely easy to get
back to so the minute after I unpacked, I readied my latest CLEN shipment
for take off. Then, I spent a little time getting to know CLEAN again!
I find dumping my Nourish and Move shake powders into larger containers makes
it quicker and easier for me to scoop them when I'm pressed for time in the
morning and still have to whip up my CLEAN shake. A scoop of Nourish, a scoop
of Move and a handful of frozen blueberries is all I need to power through my day!  
What's your New Year's resolution, and what is motivating you to bring about
change in your life for 2012? Whatever it is, I am wishing you a New Year
that delivers perfect Health, Happiness and Success in all you love to do!

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  1. Both your antique finds are beautiful! Best wishes on your return to your CLEAN program and hoping you find continued success with it.


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