Sunday, December 18, 2011

National Bake Cookie Day Cupcakes

National Bake Cookie Day brings us... Cupcakes!
I hope the National Bake Cookie Day police will forgive me... And, remember
that I baked and decorated cookies for 48-hours straight last weekend!
That's not to say there wasn't plenty of cookie-stuff going on today...
But more about that later. Right now, we're talking cupcakes... And,
lately, I cannot even think about baking without the pure magic
that is King Arthur's cake enhancer. Oh, and it's gluten free!
I first added it to a cake I baked over the summer and could not get
over how much it improved the flavor and texture! If you haven't tried it
yet, you must. Your cakes and cupcakes will be more moist than you ever
thought possible, and they will last longer too! KAF's cake enhancer is
supposed to work magic in bread-baking too. And, I can't wait to find out!
As much as I love big cupcakes... I am obsessed with the mini!
I say, forget the scoops and use a pitcher to fill your
cupcake liners. That way, you can forget the mess too!
Bing understands the importance of
keeping the kitchen clean and orderly...
As long as the Fancy Feast flows, Bing
will pretty much agree to anything!
So now that my cuppies are out of the oven, it's time to decorate them!
I'm feeling snowflakes!
Speaking of snowflakes! Two years ago today I was decorating
snowflake cookies, and it was snowing! Click here to see...
I love snow and wish it were snowing right this minute!
Maybe my snowflake cupcakes will inspire a change in the weather!
A girl can dream... Can't she?
Speaking of dreaming... I've been chasing this pedestal platter for two weeks!
It's no longer available on-line at Williams-Sonoma, so I had to hunt it
down. I went as far as Durham, but finally found it yesterday in Greensboro!
As much as I love my mini-cupcakes on
my new Soho Rectangular Pedestal...
Mini-Cupcakes deserve their own mini cake stand!
And, if one mini cake stand is good... Two mini cake stands can only be better!
Martha says so... And, I love them!
Okay, I've teased you long enough, and you've been very patient... So here's a little
bit about cookies on National Bake Cookie Day! You see, I decorated the
snowflake cookies I baked last week with my Snow Globe cookies!
But this wasn't another 48-hour adventure in sugar... Oh, no!
I just pulled these blanks from the freezer, let them come
to room temperature and banged them out in no time at all!
Just a little outlining, a little flooding, a few French Dragees...
And, a little more piping here...
And, a little more piping there...
And, a little sprinkle of sanding sugar...
And, that's all it takes...
To decorate Snowflake sugar cookies in a flash!
And, pretend like you actually baked cookies on National Bake Cookie Day!


  1. I use a lot of KAF products and recently added the enhancer to my cupboard. You're so right; it makes a noticeable difference in a cake! I haven't tried it in my breads, yet.

    Your snowflakes are lovely! I did about six dozen stars, snowmen, and trees yesterday. I was reminiscing about making cookies at home as a little girl with my sisters, helped along by a grand-aunt, and decided to just frost, sprinkle, and bead them, like we used to. Great memories!

  2. Beautiful! What size of tip do you use for your cupcake frosting? Very festive! Good luck attracting the snow.


  3. Cupcakes & snowflake cookies are gorgeous. Glad you found the cupcakes pedestal stand you've been hunting for two weeks! It's lovely.


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