Monday, November 7, 2011

Just Piddling with Pottery Barn...

Hi... Here I am!

I know it's been a while, and that I owe you an update... So here's a little update for you!

Remember my living room project? Well, it's still in project-mode but I'm closer than ever to calling it done! That does not mean I'll ever tire of decorating around the seasons or stop rotating things out as the spirit or whatever I see in magazines or pick up at auctions moves me; however, in terms of the anchors for the room, I'm super-close to done now! You may want to write that down...

I am in still love with the Chelsea sectional floor lamp I bought at Pottery Barn. Finding the right lamp was tough, but I knew it was a keeper when the thirty-day return period expired and I hadn't thought once about dragging it back for a refund! However, I will tell you that I was none-too-pleased to find it at the Pottery Barn Outlet in Gaffney, South Carolina for $125 less, after the 30 days expired! However, I've made peace with it, so the lamp stays. Now, that's not to say I let Pottery Barn off the hook on the other recent purchases I made. But more on that in a second...

Anyway, I love the Chelsea sectional floor lamp so much that I tossed the faux stained-glass lamp I had on the end table out the window and replaced it with the matching Chelsea table lamp. Now, I wasn't convinced at first but as usual, the service I received at my local Pottery Barn was outstanding! So when Paul went to the effort to plug one in and showed me how I could adjust the height to make it taller, and that the base would also accomoodate a larger shade to help it be better proportioned in the room with my floor lamp, I was sold! And, as you know, great customer service tends to put me in the mood to splurge, so I also picked up the Cozy Cableknit Throw I've had my eye on for a while.

Bottom line... Like the floor lamp, the companion Chelsea table lamp is perfect in the room! And, the throw is as cozy and warm as you'd imagine... However! Unfortunately for my local Pottery Barn and quite fortunate for me, we were on our way to the Country Living Fair and to see the Ranger a few days after my purchase, which meant I was also headed straight for the Pottery Barn Outlet in Gaffney... Where, I just happened to find both the table lamp and the throw for much less! The lamp base was $79 and the throw was also only $79! That's a $30 savings on the lamp base and a $20 savings on the throw. Normally I wouldn't drag things back for $50; however, since Pottery Barn already dinged me on the sectional floor lamp for $125, they had this one coming! Of course, I picked up a duvet at the outlet for $129 and four sets of matching pillow cases at $24 each, so we needn't feel too sorry for our friends at the PB!

So all of that brings us to present day Padua, (quick! Name that play!) and what's new in the living room since I attended my local Pottery Barn's customer appreciation event held last Thursday!

First, I couldn't resist these Berry Wreath throw pillows!
They were available on-line with the option to monogram but they
are all sold out now. I'm so happy I got mine... I think they're lovely!I also took the plunge on this console table for behind the sectional. I've been
looking for one forever, and every sofa vingette at Pottery Barn has a console
table behind it... So it was just time to pick one! I love having a place to display
goodies behind the sectional, but there's just one issue with this console...
It's too short! And, that's the problem with all consoles I've seen since I took
delivery of this leather sectional. So in order to have all of my pretty display
thingees sit tall enough so that they can be seen, I have to elevate them...
Using whatever I can find to give me the 4-inch lift I need for this sectional! For
now, I've placed a couple of glass block vases on their side, and used a few boxed
candles as platforms - Which of course, will never do! I have a few options though...
I can go back to Pottery Barn to buy taller display items, or I can continue on my
quest to find a taller console table... Or, I can have this one fitted with some leg
extenders and then have them stained to match the finish. I am in the process of
locating furiture feet that might work. In the meantime, we have another trip
planned to Gaffney, which gives me an opportunity to find this console or one
like it for less than the $699 I paid at my local Pottery Barn. Wish me luck!

So this is what's had my attention all last week. This week, I am focused on having
the Ranger home for two weeks beginning Thursday! I've just printed off a
copy of this recipe so that I can hit the marked for eggs and butter on
my way home... Because I want plenty of these waiting for him!


  1. Looks beautiful, Janet!

    Have fun with the Ranger while he's home! ♥

  2. That sectional is too gorgeous and must be kept so I guess if the console height is bothering you, a new console is in order. Unless your husband can match the stain and build a four inch platform to add to the bottom of the existing one (you could use the additional shelf it would make to store magazines in. The only thing missing from this beautiful room is the Ranger! Is it Thursday yet?

  3. How about adding a platform on the bottom of the sofa table and wrap it in burlap? Or have it stained to match the sofa table? If you add a platform to the bottom then you should not have to buy taller anything....Those cookies look delicious...I just might have to splurge on Guittard and do this for when the Major comes home. Enjoy time with your Ranger!!!
    Andrea in Calif

  4. I am thinking about buying this floor lamp. But...One of my biggest concerns is that it will look too big and tall for our not so high ceiling. May I ask what is the height of your living room? Thank you! P.S. Your leather sofa and console table with "things" looks really beautiful.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Anonymous! Our ceilings are 8 foot (standard height). I hope this helps! xo

    2. Thank you. And a Happy New Year to you and your family!


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