Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eat. Think. Smile!

I read my e-mails... Even when I'm hiding under the covers, avoiding the scary reality that the Ranger is now deployed... So I do know that you've missed me around here. And, I soooo appreciate all of you that have peeked in on me, really I do! 

The truth is I'm doing okay. Actually, I'm a little better than okay. The Ranger has been in touch with us, plus I was selected for an amazing opportunity and promotion at work, and I'm still doing fabulously well on my CLEAN program. I'm down 96 pounds since beginning the program last June 1st - And, at one point I was down 112 pounds; however, New York, the cruise, the holidays, a trip home and our anniversary vacation all happened to derail me a little. However, the fantastic news is that I've been back on plan for a while now and I'm even more committed than ever to reaching my goal! 

Baking and cooking after work and on weekends has been replaced by trips to the gym. I've worked really hard all these years to avoid exercise so the fact that I'm working out six days a week and work out three hours every Thursday surprises no one more than it surprises me. The truth is that I've discovered two forms of exercise that I really look forward to... Spin and aqua aerobics! 

The Spin classes offered where I work are the best Spin classes I've ever taken; and since the Spin classes I take at the YMCA are not quite as challenging, (but I still go!) I feel like I am qualified to tell you that the Spin instructors at HbI flat out, ROCK! As far as aqua aerobics... Who knew I could do more in my pool than float? Not me! 

Of all the classes I've taken, Spin and aqua aerobics makes me feel most productive and successful, which is why I keep going. For the month of December at my gym, I ranked #12 in most calories burned for all members - and for January, I moved up to #7! 

So that's a little about what I've been up to instead of hanging out with you here. Now that we're all caught up, let me tell you about something else fun that happened this week...

Last week I received an e-mail from Coyne PR in New York inviting me to a local launch party for Eat. Think. Smile. The objective was to sample delicious snacks and provide feedback. Snacking, mingling, chatting about what I like and don't like... I was so there! And, when Coyne PR invited me to bring along some of my friends... Well, I took it upon myself to fill their room!

This is Dr. Amy Preston, PhD, RD, and she's a Nutrition Scientist! She told us all
about how the cocoa in all of the Eat. Think. Smile products is a proprietary blend
of natural cocoa and a premium variety known as cocoa Lavado - a washed cocoa
that is naturally higher in antioxidants because it goes through an all-natural
process: Fresh cocoa beans are removed from ripe pods, then washed
with water to remove the pulp and dried in the sun - Fascinating!     
You can read all about Eat. Think. Smile products here. And when you do, I
believe you'll understand pretty quickly why Eat. Think. Smile is now my
go-to sweets snack - Just like PopChips are my go-to choice for savory
or salty snacks. Both options are super-tasty and totally guilt-free!  
The girls at Coyne PR really knew how to throw a launch party! Not only were we
invited to sample every variety of Eat. Think. Smile products, they also served
a yummy assortment of fresh salads and sandwiches provided by Panera bread! 
The girls also didn't skimp on the goodie-bag they sent us home with either!
I've been passing Eat. Think. Smile around at work all week!   
Because when something that tastes this good is this good for you, you just have to share!
Sending out a big Thanks to Coyne PR for inviting me to participate in the
launch of Eat. Think. Smile in my area, and for all this great product too!


  1. Wow, good for you all the way around...the goodies, the exercise, and the weight loss! Woo Hoo for you Janet!

  2. I adore spin classes as well! I love riding outside so much I didn't think I'd ever adapt to pedaling indoors with the bike staying in one spot. But having a great instructor really does make a huge difference! I'm training for the Seattle to Portland ride in July, and love having the spin option when it's too rainy to hit the roads.

  3. Girl I am so so SO proud (ok and a little envious) of YOU!! you rock! I wish I could get myself to exercise like that!

    I've never heard of Eat Think Smile! Definitely checking it out!!

    thinking and praying for you guys!

  4. I am so excited for you and your weight lose! WOW!!! I used to do a spin class and LOVED it-who knew? I could love exercise.LOL. Looks like a fun event, great to hear of new products.

  5. Janet!
    YOu are an INSPIRATION!
    In the purest most delightful sense of the word!
    I have been a SLUG this week!
    Can't wiggle out of the JANUARY FUNK!
    You are motivating me!
    You are going to be an IRON WOMAN before all of this is over with!
    I think I need to hire you to be accountable to starting MONDAY...for a week!
    WIll you do that for me!?
    You are my LIFE COACH!
    These snacks look AWESOME!
    That is so cool that they came to your house!
    I LOVE the packaging!
    Makes me want to order some!
    Can they come to MY HOUSE?
    I must order!
    And I am placing an order with PopChips too!
    You need to order some Cascade Ice!
    You will LOVE!
    And no shipping!
    I am rambling!
    We have missed you!
    I love this blog!
    I love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ANd I pray for THE RANGER!

  6. I just emailed Eat Think Smile to let them know how much I love their product!
    I let them know that anything YOU LOVE...
    I LOVE too!
    I begged them to come to WASHINGTON!

  7. I'm so proud of you and your weightloss. I just think you're amazing!

    They were quite generous with their good bags- nice!


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