Sunday, January 16, 2011

A little bit of everything!

This exhibit enlightened me in so many ways... Just when you think you know
all there is to know about a subject, a tiny detail pops up, compelling you to
study it again. The dear Mr. Rockwell, his life and his iconic, all-American
art did me that favor yesterday. And now, my new favorite is this! 
However, the Rockwell exhibit was just one stop on yesterday's full agenda...
We began the day at Sur La Table in Greensboro where I had no trouble whatsoever
spending the birthday gift given to me by SpaBoy. After SLT, we stopped in Burlington
where I cashed in the free-birthday gift offer made by Sephora. Following a brief stay
there and a quick dash through the Le Creuset outlet, we finally headed to Raleigh! 
After the museum and stops at Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware and Pottery
Barn we went to dinner at Angus Barn. Ever since I learned that their executive
chef is an Iron Chef, I've been dying to go back to meet him. And, meet him I
did! Chef Royal even gave me a copy of his episode to take home with me! 
However... It devastates me to tell you that only one of us in our party of four
received a steak that was properly prepared. After our meals returned horribly
cooked a second time, we all gave up and asked to see the dessert tray! To her
credit, the manager was completely embarrassed, and worked Very hard to
make it up to me. First, she forgave our $270.00 bill, and then, as we left,
she presented me a basket overflowing with goodies from their famous
country store! Oh well... At least our dinner company was perfect!  
Speaking of perfect... We spent a little time at Lush! I picked up more
bathbombsbubble bars and several of my favorite massage bars!
Oh!  I must tell you that the birthday pound cake presented to me
at the Angus Barn was the best pound cake we've ever eaten! We
didn't know that last night since we ordered the crème brûlée...  
But we know it now!
So my Trader Joe's raspberry tart will just have to wait its turn in the freezer!
Before I go, I have to tell you about my Sur La Table find! Do you see it?
I've been looking for a new bowl for my island, and
this one has the Personality necessary to fit right in!
In fact, she has personality to spare! I've seen it at SLT before; however, at $60
I passed... But on sale yesterday for $35.99, Missy Moo became a must-have!
Now if you'll excuse me, there's only one thing left for this
heart-broken Dallas Cowboy fan to do on Sunday afternoon...
Serve up some of my shredded chicken nachos and wish the New York Jets a win!


  1. Just one + Me. ♥

  2. I'm sorry about the Angus Barn :( I've had the same experience there with the steak being overcooked.
    As for the Rockwell exhibit, I'm planning on going on Thursday! So I'm excited to hear that you enjoyed it! Lastly, I love love love the cow dish. She's a beauty and you can't help but smile when you look at her :p Happy Birthday!

  3. thank you for the kind comment on my blog - i really appreciate it! i adore your little cow bowl - so fun :)

  4. Janet - you look absolutely beautiful! Your skin and eyes are just glowing! And your hair has always been a thing of envy. It's amazing what the Clean diet is doing for you!

  5. HEHEHE, you and my hubby, BOTH heartbroken Cowboys Fans!

  6. The shredded chicken nachoes look so yummy!


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