Monday, February 28, 2011

Philadelphia Cooking Creme... Finally!

I am quite delighted to have been chosen as a host for the Philly Dinnertime
Dilemma Houseparty! Why? Because in my opinion, this is a product-idea whose
time was L-o-n-g overdue. And now that it's here, I want you to know all about it! 
You see, I've been creating my own Philly cream cheese pasta and cooking sauces for
years by adding herbs/spices, milk, butter and a splash of white wine and/or heavy
cream, when I have it, to a package of Philadelphia cream cheese. I use my cooking
sauce-creations as my own Alfredo or to spoon it over grilled prawns on rice. And,
I use it a lot in making the best open-faced chipped beef sandwiches... Ever!   
But now! Now that Philly is sharing the cream cheese I use in cheesecakes, and letting
it venture beyond the smear on my bagel to launch a tasty line of their own cooking
cremes, the recipe options are endless, and my dinnertime has never been easier! 
So what about all this fun stuff you see? Well, along with lots of Free cooking cremes
for me to sample, I also received coupons, recipe guides, pads of shopping lists, and
lots of wooden spoons to share with friends. Plus an oven mitt, and a Green Pan!  
My party isn't scheduled for a couple of weeks; however, I couldn't wait to tell
you about this... I also have four extra sets of Philly goodies to share with a few
of my readers. So if you'd like to receive some of this loot, just leave a comment,
and I will select four winners at random - And announce them later this week!! 
I know you'll understand if I keep the stainless steel Green Pan for myself!
The rest of it is all yours though!
Today I whipped up a delicious dinner in just a few minutes using
the Philly Italian Cheese and Herb flavored cooking creme!
 I added chunks of a pre-baked chicken breast I picked up at the market, a
couple handfuls of steamed broccoli and some cooked bow-tie pasta to the creamy,
perfectly seasoned cooking creme. Honestly, I couldn't do it any better than Philly!
You could use any combination of veg, meat or seafood to satisfy your dinner desires! Or
use rice instead of pasta... Or skip this altogether, and go for the enchilada recipe!
 Whatever you decide to create with Philly's new Cooking Cremes...
I know you're going to Love it as much as I do!

The Legal Stuff: All of the give-away goodies I received as well as the Philly cooking creme I used to create this dinner recipe was provided to me Free, as a blogger-member of selected to host a Philly Dinner Dilemma party. However, the opinions about this product are my own. And, if I didn't love it, you'd know about it!

I put your names into a cup and pulled out the following
winners of one each of the Philly Cooking Creme goodies
I received for my party. Instead of 4, I pulled six names
because I'm a push-over that way... Winners are:

Bea - I know you live in Spain, but I'm willing to ship to you any way!
Mom to C
Just Jennifer

Winners have until Thursday at midnight, EST
to send their address to:


  1. What a great idea. Are these already on the market?

  2. They are in stores now! And, these sauces are sooooo good!

    I added a little pasta water to loosen up the sauce just before I added the chicken and veg; however, that's just because I don't care for super-thick sauces... (Still dieting with CLEAN, you know!)

    Best to you always, and with my thanks for popping in!


  3. I can't wait to try the new cooking creme, I'm getting a coupon from Kraft to try it for free.But I haven't desided what to make either creamy chicen fajites or southwest pasta skillet.

  4. Kelly... The creamy chicken enchiladas in the Philly recipe guide they sent is on my list!!

    Thank you for stopping by!

  5. How awesome! I would love to try those!

  6. I sampled this in the store and I'm in LOVE with it!!.....I haven't bought an yet but your pictures have me craving some now!

  7. Been looking for this since I had a coupon and finally found it!!! Cant wait to try it ;)

  8. OMG!!!... those wooden spoons are sooo cute!!... but I understand not sending them to Spain...

    Philadelphia in Spain is doing a good campaign on Tv an magazines for cooking with Philadelphia... but we still do not have those delicious sauces!!!

    Enjoy your goodies!!!!


  9. I'd love a chance to win some of the goodies. I applied to this party too but wasn't picked ;) I've tried a few flavors already and they really make dinnertime easier!
    Yummy food you have here!

  10. On my shopping list. Can't wait to try bacon and mushroom pasta. Already have the Green Pan! Love your blog.

  11. I started reading your blog after Melanie from Coupon Goddess mentioned you! I have loved following along on all your adventures :) The broccoli/chicken dinner looks fantastic and my family would LOVE that! As a busy mom of four I am always looking for great dinners/ideas that not only taste great but are easy and quick. These new Philly cooking cremes look like they will fit the bill perfectly!

    Chandrea S.

  12. Hello from New Mexico!. I found your blog one night while i was home on maternity leave with my daughter and now i find myself returning often to see what you are cooking up your pictures and recipes :) ... would love to win some of the goodies ...thanks for sharing..

  13. How nice of you to share! I am anxious to try this stuff and just realized I have a coupon that I have never used. I might pick some up today!

    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  14. I have two kids who keep me on the go constantly with karate and hockey so this is perfect for a quick meal that is the drive through any day of the week! Thanks for sharing!
    Kathy A, MN

  15. I can't wait to get my hands on some of the new Philly cooking creme! Sounds great! I'm putting it on my list right now:)

  16. I love your blog, everything you do looks amazing. I would love to try one of those cooking cream packages and recipes. You dish looks delicious!

  17. I love cooking with P.C.C.! I make a ton of spiced dips, just had a friend request a dip I made a couple of years when she was with baby #2. I had forgot about it, because I just kinda threw it together before a BBQ. She was home this past weekend,craving that same dip.....she's on baby #3!! :)

  18. I heard about these for the first time on the Rachael Ray show when Pauld Deen was on there! I have been wanting to try them, but keep forgetting! I need to go write this down.
    I went to the web site and all of the flavors look so good, except the Santa Fe, lol. I'm a bit picky hahaha

  19. Love your kitchen. Love your pedastal cake stand collection. Love your cooking. Would love to try these Philly Cremes.

    Rose B.

  20. Oh wow! I make the same 4 or 5 things for my family (seriously, we're pretty boring) and I could spice things up a little with this! I'm so excited to try it. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I bought some of the Italian Herb cooking creme tonight! I plan on using your dish as my trial run sometime this next week, so thank you for your inspiration. I'll let you know how we love it ('cuz I'm sure we will)!


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