Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We got an address!

We received an e-mail from the Ranger, and it included an
address. Which means that operation, Care-package is in full swing!
Bing and I have been very busy wrapping and packing this evening. I
think Bing's like me... He would make the trip to Afghanistan if he could!
But that's no place for our Ranger... Let alone his sweet puddy-cat! 
I'm predicting a banner revenue quarter for the United States post office!
However, this is still one package that's staying right here with me!


  1. I'm sure Brandon will be so happy to receive your WONDERFUL packages!
    Bing is so cute, he reminds me of a cat I had years ago. A very sweet cat-they look like they could have been brother and sister :)

  2. Hallelujah! My Christmas package of cookies for my nephew got destroyed, so I am looking forward to organizing a cookie sending chain from all my pals. He got a weird tour. he did two months and came home then had to do a ten month stretch. So I wanted to keep him perked up. I hope your soldier's time goes fast, and yours too! Prayers from TX

  3. What a great helper you have there:) Ranger has one sweet Mama!!!

  4. Brandon is one lucky soldier to have such a thoughtful, caring mom! I hope he's doing well and that you are too - he'll be home safe and sound to eat more of your incredible cooking before you know it! God bless you, Janet xoxo

  5. He is so incredibly lucky to have a mom like you. Those packages make a WORLD of difference over there. But keep the kitty! He needs to keep you company :)

  6. Your son is such a huge blessing to our Country. Your family is in my prayers every night and I pray the time goes by quickly for you. Much love to you my dear friend!

  7. *Ranger* is going to have a lot of fun opening all his packages and I'm sure all his buddies are going to be right there with him when he does.

    Keeping him in our prayers along with all those who serve.

  8. He will absolutely love to receive all these packages from you. You are such a wonderful momma.


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