Sunday, November 14, 2010

When the trees Glow...

When the Japanese maple in the front yard begins to glow...
It means it's time to start planning the menu,
because Thanksgiving is just around the corner!
And, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a couple of other special
treasures... Like this one the Ranger made for me in the 1st grade!
There are only 9 days left until he comes
home... But whose counting? Not me!
There are other treasures too...
Like this one that William brought home to me from kindergarten...
And, I've yet to find another Pilgrim puppet I love more!
Prized possessions... That's what these treasures are!
Oh, look!
The back yard is Glowing too!
Speaking of Thanksgiving... I found these chocolate turkeys at Dean and Deluca
in Charlotte yesterday! I bought enough for each place setting at our table,
and I couldn't resist bringing a few back for the Great people I work for too!
I love Dean and Deluca!
For lots and lots of reasons!
After Dean and Deluca we popped over to shop
Restoration Hardware. Here I am with SpaBoy!
After RS we popped into Trader Joe's for a major stock-
up. Being at Trader Joe's always makes me so homesick
because we always had the best fun at our Trader Joe's!
See that on the box? Salinas, CA! I've probably driven by the exact field
 where these Beautiful brussels were grown a thousand times on my way
to work. And, I'm so very happy we're going to be spending Christmas
on the Peninsula in just 33 days. But whose counting? Surely, not me!
You know, I'm frying our Thanksgiving turkey for the first time ever this year...
Thanks to Trader Joe's, we now have the perfect bird for my little experiment!
Before I say goodnight I have to tell you that we went to
see Garrison Keillor this afternoon at the Stevens Center
downtown. I so love his stories from Lake Wobegone...
Where all the women are strong, all the men are
handsome, and all the children are above-average!


  1. My husband(I made him look!) and I were Oooohing and Awwwwing over your beautiful trees! It was nice to "see" you today, Janet! :) Love the chocolate turkeys, and I know you will have such a memorable Thanksgiving! Love all your treasures(the best kind)! Well, at Christmas you'll be on my side of the states:)
    XO Sue

  2. It's true you, we are pretty fabulous here in MN :)

    Your tree are gorgeous! Ours are bare and covered in snow right now. We got almost half a foot on Friday.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Gorgeous trees! Our leaves are gone and the trees are covered in snow. Brrr! That is the best pilgrim puppet I have ever seen...kudos to the artist!! I know you will have a fabulous holiday season with him coming home. With fried turkey for dinner and chocolate turkeys for dessert, you're all set! :)

  4. The golden glow of your trees is stunning. It's the reflection on your hardwoods in the first picture that got me. Everything here goes from green to brown. boo.

    I've never been to D&D- we don't have one here either. But I'm sure I'd have a great time there. Are you sure you don't need me to come over and show you how to tie that bow?

    BTW, that vanilla buttercream cake behind the turkey cake is hideous!

    So glad the Ranger is coming home. I know your holidayys will be complete with his there.

  5. Those trees are really glowing! They are like the golden trees. What a beautiful post! It must be so nice to celebrate the beautiful days with the one yu love there :)

  6. First of all, I have to say that I can almost taste your excited of having your Ranger home for Thanksgiving. I'm almost getting giddy for you!
    Secondly, while all of your photographs are stunning, I think the first one with the beautiful tree reflecting off of the hardwood in your entryway is the best in this post. (next to your handsome son of course)
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving♥

  7. What beautiful season's you have! I'm truly jealous here in Houston. We LOVE Gerrison Keillor too! He's gonna be here this Saturday but I just found out today so unfortunately they're sold out! Glad you got to go! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. This post was a total feast for the eyes. Those trees are amazing. I'm soooo excited that your son is coming home. I know how much that means to you. It's going to be a fantastic holiday for your family. Enjoy!


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