Saturday, November 6, 2010

Memories of New York!

Today I unpacked more of the souvenirs we brought back from New York...
These are just a couple of the things I couldn't resist bringing back to remember
our incredible experience with Lady Liberty! Of course, the man I love brought
back a few things too. However, I promised not to show you his Barbie doll!
Now, if you've read this post or this onethen you already know that I loved New York!
Look! It's a blizzard at The Empire State Building...
But it looks like only flurries at 30 Rockefeller Center!
I need more Snowglobes like I need an extra teenager...
But these were a must-have because they remind me of the Greatest city on earth!
What fun things do you bring back from your trip-adventures?


  1. My husband and I always buy a Christmas ornament whenever we take a trip somewhere. It's always fun to think back on those trips when we are decorating our big tree each year.

  2. The LOLadies love their Statue of Liberty postcard. Thanks SO much!!! XOXOX- Denise

  3. Very small decorated bowls--the latest a very exquisite one from Athens, Greece.

  4. I'll trade you one teenager for a snowglobe. Better yet, I'll buy you 20 snowglobes if you take one of my teenagers. :) Love your pictures by the way. That camera takes great shots!

  5. Oh My Sweet Sweet Friend!
    I'm so glad you have such WARM~WONDERFUL memories from your trip with TERRY!
    I LOVE your magical snow~globes!
    You are MAGIC!
    Love everything about YOU!
    Your home is such a reflection of YOU and your lovely world!
    Hugs and SNUGGLES!

  6. Of course seeing these pictures reminds me of our conversation today...did you hear back from them about the pics on your old computer? I hope you get them back!

    Barbie doll, really? Spll the beans Janet!


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