Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank you, Rebecca!

It is my extreme pleasure to introduce you to Rebecca, the incredibly talented writer, baker/cook and photographer behind the wildly entertaining blog, Ezra Pound Cake.

You know me... So when you learn how Rebecca came up with the name for her blog you'll understand why I visit EPC every day! Rebecca authors one of those rare blogs that takes me away from whatever is going on and makes me feel like I've just stepped through the back door of an old friend's house without knocking.  

If you haven't already bookmarked EPC as a favorite, you will after you click, here!

Rebecca is the writer I long to be... And, for more than two years now, she's fascinated me with her stories, inspired me with her creative and tasty recipes, and through her beautiful photography, Rebecca has made me a better picture-taker. Spend just a few minutes with her and I know you'll find your own reasons to appreciate her work.

Today Rebecca blessed me in a big way so please do pop over to see why I adore her... Even more!


  1. Janet! Funny that you would say that she "makes you feel like you walked through the back door of an old friends house" cause your blog makes me feel the exact same way! You have the most inviting home and sometimes it feels like I am right there with you. You inspire me to the fullest!

  2. Congrats on your fun win! I hope you dad is well SOON!

  3. I've seen her blog name out there, but don't know that I had ever stopped by. I did today-I love her style of writing, and wish I could speak through my posts as eloquently as that.

    Congrats on the win and I hope it brightens your Dad's day and that hs is on the mend and back home with your Mom soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving Janet.


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