Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Martha was Listening!

In last year's December issue of Martha Stewart Living, Martha
soon as I saw this 1950's tinsel tree, I knew I had to have it!
Especially when I saw it decorated, and
standing in this fabulous scalloped tin tray!
Fortunately, the tree was relatively easy to find through e-Bay. I
purchased this one from, KSUBart, a seller in Manhattan Kansas
of all places! I say of all places because that's where I went to 
college for five minutes, (a year) before moving to California!
For a year now I've scoured every estate auction and antique shop
in the area and beyond, searching for decorations and a tin tray just
like our dear Martha has... And, without any luck at all! So I settled on
decorating my vintage tinsel tree with bakery-inspired ornaments from
Macy*s... Since the kitchen is about the only place I have to display it!
I had just about resigned myself to not having a tree like Martha's
this Christmas... Until I received a Grandin Road catalog last
week, and saw that Martha did this... Obviously just for me! 
So I ordered it, and it arrived today! And, I have to tell you...
That scalloped tray I've been hunting for is a definite must-have! 
Martha must have heard me! And now...
My tray-hunting days are happily over!
Speaking of trees... While my chocolate chip cookies baked,
I decorated the tree trio in the solarium this afternoon!
A little decorating...
A little baking...
Makes for a pretty enjoyable pre-Thanksgiving afternoon!


  1. Oh that is so beautiful the way you have it all decorated. We must see more photos after you have completed decorating for Christmas.

  2. Janet! I love this! and I LOVE your home...
    The tinsel tree story is great... I remember your tree from a previous post ... it was in the background ...and the cookie ornament really caught my eye...
    The tray is perfect for it. Did they let you order the tray separately?

    Your white table and chairs set is soooooo pretty, Janet and the tree looks marvelous on it!
    Off to finish preparing the veggies for today's feast...
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Hello, Maria! Thank you for your kind words. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too!

    No... Unfortunately the tray could not be purchased as a single item. If it were offered as a single item I would have kept my e-Bay tinsel tree and added Martha's tray to it - just as she did.

    Nevertheless, this tree Martha reproduced exclusively for Grandin Road is a one-piece design. You pop the tree, (all one-piece) onto a stub that is permanently afixed to the base of the tray.

    The tree is Very easy to set up. The only negative about the design is that the tinsel wrapped around the branches has unraveled on some, leaving the wire branches bare - I am waiting for a replacement from Grandin Road now. Since I want to enjoy this decoration forever, I am hoping that the next one they send me is perfect!

    Love and friendship are yours,


  4. So nice that the hunt for the scalloped tray ended in success (even if you are waiting for a replacement tree) As always, your post was a joy to read and to see! I can only imagine how beautiful all your Christmas decorations are. Your home and surroundings deserve a magazine all unto their own :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to your and your family.

  5. Every year here in Brevard we have an aluminum Christmas Tree Museum. What fun to see the "Elvis" tree, or the "Marilyn Monroe" one. Yours is lovely.

  6. Janet, Your kitchen(house) looks better than a Williams-Sonoma store:)


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