Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving, 2010

After William and Julie arrived, Thanksgiving was on! 
And, so was the turkey frying! I've never fried a turkey before but I
have always wanted to try... So this year I decided we were taking the
plunge! Thank goodness the turkey I picked up at Trader Joe's fit!
While the turkey fryer heated up I busied myself with setting the table...
After watching The Pioneer Woman cream Bobby Flay with
her mashed potatoes I knew they'd have to be on our table!
Especially since they're so low-fat... Not! Why yes, that is
cream cheese on top of butter. And, finished with half and half!
Oh, my!
I couldn't see this last night when I got home, but it was the first thing I
noticed this morning when I stepped out into the solarium to set up the
turkey fryer. Appears that someone went above and beyond on the
holiday Honey-do list I left for him yesterday - And, I love it!
Okay... Enough chit-chat... Let's fry a turkey!
I said, In he goes...
And the Ranger said, How do you know it's a he?
William and Julie look hungry, don't they?
55 minutes later...
Our 13.7 pound turkey was done!
Just to be safe, I let the therm confirm it!
Smelled fantastic!
I would do this again! Especially since frying the turkey freed up my
oven for all the side dishes, and me from the task of constant basting!
Brandon said, I've got my plate!
My sweet boys!
Plus one very sweet girl!
From our table to yours... Happy Thanksgiving!
By the way, Moo... This sure beats having to drive down to Ft. Benning to see you!
Bing certainly would have missed you feeding him fried turkey scraps!
And, me... Well, I'm just thankful to have you home!


  1. I've had deep fried turkey once and didn't mind it at all. Your dinner, diningroom and family all look wonderful.

    Put you feet up and enjoy your evening. You certainly earned it. :)

  2. Ok, your post made me cry. Your boys are so sweet and so handsome. What a beautiful day!

  3. So happy for you! Your family is beautiful(and so are the mashed potatoes:))!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Janet!
    Your home looks lovely and yes, that deep fried turkey is good {my brother-in-law is addicted to turkey done up that way!}
    Your deep fryer is pretty "High Tech" LOL I'll have to show him yours!
    His stands up outdoors... not sure what kind it is...
    *sending wishes you way*

  5. What a perfect Thanksgiving! All made perfect by having both your boys home. That table and turkey are gorgeous too! Hope you had a wonderful day Janet.


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