Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tagine pork chops... and more Pesto!

Can you believe his garden has yielded even More basil?
This is the sixth time I've made Pesto this summer. And, I'm not complaining!
Remember I told you that my sweet, (Sweet!!) neighbor gifted me the Williams-Sonoma
Mauviel Copper beating bowl she found at a yard sale last weekend for only $7.50? Well,
it's absolutely perfect, except for a bit of tarnish so I picked up some Copper polish
at Sur La Table yesterday... Just so that my French mauviel never looks like this... 
Did I tell you how much I love my neighbor!?
I love her Very much!
I've been watching an All-Clad tagine sit on the clearance shelf at Sur La Table
for several months now... It was there again yesterday. And again, I thought
about it. And again, I left the store without it. However, today I finally came
to my senses, called the store to see if my Tagine was still there, and when
Ken said that it was, I told him to hold it because I was on my way to get it!  
I mean, after all... It matches my All-Clad slow cooker, which makes it practically a no-brainer!
Most tagines I've seen are ceramic or clay, which means they crack and expand during
cooking. Although that's considered normal in tagine cooking, the whole cracking thing makes
me a little nervous. That's why this tagine by All-Clad, with its stainless base, is so perfect for me 
Speaking of perfect... I think this selection from the sample pack of Artisan salts I
received from saltworks will be perfect for my Tagine pork. Just read that description!
To put my tagine pork chops together, I first grabbed more Thyme and rosemary from the
deck garden. I'll marinate my chops in brown sugar, Honey, the herbs, and a splash of soy sauce
Like this!
Dust with a little of the salt, a bit of pepper, and Refrigerate for an hour...
All-Clad 18/10 stainless... There is no substitute!
Basically, a tagine is a Morrocan stove-top Slow cooker. Learn more
about the origin of Tagine cooking and buy your All-Clad tagine here
Add enough EVOO to cover the bottom of tagine. When oil is hot, add pork chops
Brown chops 5 minutes on each side
After five minutes...
Add your veg. There was a request for apples and
sweet potatoes so apples and sweet potatoes it shall be!
Cover and cook on med-low for an hour. After an hour you may expect to find whatever
meat you're cooking to fall off the bone! I'm adding a little apricot preserves to finish 
After another ten minutes...
My first Tagine dinner is served!


  1. Well I do believe that's the CUTEST stove~top cooker I ever did see!
    I didn't even know there was such as thing as a TAGINE!
    ONLY YOU my friend would have a TAGINE...
    and know how to USE it!
    This pork looks so tender!
    Love that marinade!
    ANd I am in amazement at your fresh herbs!
    I'm at amazement at EVERYTHING at your house!
    I really am!

  2. Beautiful= that mound of basil, that shiny bowl and those thick luscious pork chops. oh my!

  3. Can you cook this in a clay tagine? I just bought it and have made a wonderful chicken dish so far and want to try your recipe tonight?

  4. Can I do this in a clay tagine?


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