Friday, August 6, 2010

A day spent in Burlington

We had an absolute blast in Burlington today!
On the radio this morning we heard that Today was the first day of
the five-day Burlington Hospice Flea Market. I don't know how we've
missed this in the past, but I can tell you we'll Never miss it again! This
sale was Fantastic! And, a little sad... I got a bit choked up in the area
dedicated to warehousing all the Afghans. I imagined all the families that
must have brought these hand-made blankets to Hospice to make their
loved one's room feel a little like home... And, the wall of coffee mugs
was a little tough to look at too. All those #1 Grandma and #1 Grandpa
mugs looked so lonely to me... Just imagine a thousand Grandparents
having a Tag-sale and you get the general idea. I've never seen so many
George Foreman grills, toasters, pressure cookers, walkers, canes and
wheelchairs in all my life! The prices were Incredible! I found my bliss
in this area where the Pyrex was stacked as far as the eye could see!
(click photo to enlarge)
I picked up vintage Pyrex bowls and pie plates in all sizes for $1 a piece!
After four and a half hours rummaging through the Hospice sale we took
a quick drive down to Sanford, to go back to Big Bloomers. This was the
propagation nursery we visited earlier this year in the Spring. We've
always regretted not getting more of a certain Shrub we really like,
so today was our Opportunity to go back and make things right!
This little Bugger snuck up on me... I didn't reach for plants after that!
This little Sweetie is more my speed...
No sneaking... Just lots of lounging out in the open!
Now that we're home I can show you a few of my Amazing finds!
I love this dish I picked up for $1. I cannot wait to roast a chicken and
let it rest on it. All the juices will collect right there in the little well
I also picked up this set of 36 Sweet little tart
pans. Brand new. Made in Sweden. And only $2!
The rest of my finds are in the Dishwasher; however, I can show you this!
You know there's a Le Creuset outlet in Burlington, right!? Well, since
my friend Monica sent me a 40% off LC outlet coupon, I had to go!
Guess which Color I picked up?
Think you know?
It's Dijon, and I love it!
My uber-patient sales clerk and I opened Four of them until we found
one Perfect lid to fit one Perfect pot! $315 retail. $196 Outlet price...
But only $117 for me, because Monica loves me
enough to share her coupons. Thank you, Monica!!


  1. Oh yay! I'm glad yougot your coupon and used it so quickly. Iwas thinking you'dget a blue one, but I like the yellow too. It's a bit of sunshine in your kitchen!

    Great finds at the tag sale. I think Iwould have been in Heaven.

  2. I love flea markets! Wish we lived closer to each other. I'm sure we'd have a ball shopping together! I LOVE Dijon, great choice-and price :)

  3. OOO,I love that yellow! It would be most awesome in my "Butter" colored kitchen :)


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