Thursday, August 12, 2010

Notice anything New?

Yes! Larger photos... All courtesy of my wonderful friend, Teresa! Yup! She gets all the credit.
You see, we were chit-Chatting away on the phone yesterday when she asked me, Why don't you
ever post Larger photos on your blog? Of course, I had to tell her why... Because I don't know how!
No, really! I had no idea I've been using an Old version of blogger editor. It was pretty funny. Poor
Blooming on Bainbridge over there telling me to click the X-large button and me saying, I don't see
x-large anywhere! Finally, poor girl asked me if I have ever Updated my editor... Huh?, I said. And,
sure enough, as soon as Teresa told me where to find the update editor option, posting extra large
photos Suddenly became available to me. Thanks Teresa! So... Tell me... You noticed the extra-
large photos, but did you notice anything else in my Kitchen that you haven't seen before? Something
cute, chrome and the reason some of my Le Crueset Dutch ovens are no longer on the kitchen table?
Yes! I finally found the right Cookware rack for my Dutch ovens! Sadly, it doesn't hold the
Dijon and Kiwi because they are the same size. But that just means I will have to buy other sizes!
For now though, a couple of my Stainless pieces and my bee-
bottom mixing bowls serve to round out the Rack right fine!
Until tomorrow that is... You see, someone you know will be
in Charlotte at Sur La Table tomorrow. And, you just never
know what she might find to Fill the spaces above Kiwi!
Before I go I have to show you my very First pair of
Birkenstocks that I picked up yesterday. You know, I
lived in California for nearly 17-years and never wore
a pair of Birkenstocks. But now that I'm a southerner...
I am rockin' the Birkens!


  1. awwwe, too sweet of Teresa to help you out!!.....I never liked the new editor so I never used it....I just used photobuck or flickr for my pictures, then you can have them any size you want (well as large as your post area will allow, which in your case it looks like you can go up to about 650 wide!!

    LOVE your new rack and shoes!!♥

  2. OMGoodness!
    L~O~V~E the B~I~G pictures!
    Love them~!
    I felt like I was RIGHT standing in your kitchen!
    ANd I do believe you have the most interesting kitchen!
    I love to STARE at all your kitchen GOODIES!
    And I just adore that new POT~STAND!
    Only YOU would find that cute stand!
    ANd let me just say!~
    It completely MADE my DAY to assist YOU with your pics!
    I was THRILLED with myself that I actually KNEW how to help!
    Love the big pics Janet!
    Love em!
    Love em!

  3. Okay, that rack is so cute. and yes, so chrome. I LOVE it!

  4. Hi Janet...
    It's oh so ridiculously late... but I'm enjoying 'catching up' here with everyone!
    Love your pots rack... and your new sandals... and that flowy skirt!

    You are rockin! and those BIG pics... awesome... Teresa's right, it's like we're right there in your kitchen.

    Will be emailing you soon, over the weekend, Janet!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments, care and prayers...
    Really feeling the support ~ it's a wonderful world {despite the news!}
    God bless you always,
    ~ Maria

  5. Love the stand! My dream is to have a big kitchen like yours someday. Sadly all my Le Creuset is in hiding in cabinets, but someday they will take their rightful place on a throne. Lovin' your big pics. Teach me next!

  6. I love how your kitchen looks! The organized cabinet, the new pot rack, the just keeps getting better and better.

    Now, I am waiting to see the newest Le Crueset...


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