Sunday, August 1, 2010

Super fun Auction day!

We spent Saturday with the good people of the Great State Auction company
and with some of our Fantastic friends. It was a great day at the auction!
I picked up a beautiful Bookcase, and I got the
vintage Pitcher and hand egg beater set I wanted!
But the prize of my day at the auction is this Westmoreland Hobnail
cake stand. And, I have my friend Kimberly to thank for it too! She was
high bidder of a choice lot and sweetly took Both items so that I could
have the Cake stand I wanted. Now, I know what you're thinking...
We have talked about my cake stand addiction before... But I
really and truly do believe that I can find room for just One more!


  1. Do you mind me asking...How much did you pay for that egg beater? I ask because I saw one very similar to that a couple weeks ago at the antique market here and it was like $65!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that cake stand. It looks like the Fenton milk glass cake stand I have but with hobnails. so pretty! You must make a cake to put on it. YES!

  2. No problem at all, Monica! You know I'd tell you anything! :)

    I paid $35 for it, and would have paid more! It came up as a choice in a grouping of four, (of these) being auctioned off. I lost the first round because I stopped bidding at $70. Fortunately, the person that won at that price took the older (looking) one that was in a short jar, (with no handle) and with NO paint on the egg beater handle. The back-up bidder on the $70 bid took TWO of the other ones, also older/in worse shape/with no paint on the beater handles too. Then, when this one was put up again, I was high bidder at only $35. I was thrilled! I know it's not as old as the other ones were, but it's in Perfect condition. And I MUCH more prefer it over the others there. I just think it's TOO cute!

  3. Great auction scores! That hobnail cake stand is gorgeous!! There is always room for something as special as that!!

  4. I can see why you love's beautiful! I love cake stands too!

  5. You always find the BEST stuff! And really, anything looks good with that KitchenAid mixer behind it! ;)

  6. What a fun day! I LOVE the pitcher and egg beater. What a great addition to your kitchen. :)


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