Saturday, August 14, 2010

A day in Charlotte!

We had a Wonderful visit with Spa-boy in Charlotte yesterday! First,
we met at Sur la Table where I couldn't resist checking out their
cookware stands before choosing my new Le Creuset piece. Let me tell
you... After seeing their prices, I'm even more pleased with my choice!
After shopping at Sur la Table we had an amazing lunch, and a really good time
at PF Chang's. Then, we had a horrible shopping experience at Restoration Hardware
and found that the only way to get over it was with a stop at Dean and Deluca for candy!
So you want to know which color I chose for the
Le Creuset piece I needed for my cookware stand?
It's Flame! And... It fits in perfectly!

Best of all... It's Willie-pig approved!
I received an e-mail yesterday from someone asking about the heads
on my kitchen wall. Here they are... I call this my Butcher's wall. Although
I must tell you... I have never, and I would never, ever Prepare or eat a rabbit!
We're off to an estate sale in the Mountains now. Have a fantastic Saturday!


  1. Janet,
    Your new display stand is wonderful! I love all the fall colors(my favorite) of your cookware!

    Okay, last night I noticed the new editor in blogger and changed it. When I saw your post I went and looked for the larger photo option, but can't find it...will you please direct me to it! I would be so happy...THANKS!

    Hope you had fun at the Estate sale!


  2. You have a Dean and Delucca? How do I live in a major city and not have one and you do? Must be nice! Love, love, love your Le Creuset. Lovely color choice. Looks like you had a delicious day!


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