Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why ever leave?

By the end of the Work week I'm usually ready for a little road-Trip. But
by Saturday evening, I'm ready never to Leave the house again. All it takes
is one look out of any Window in the house and I think, Why ever leave?
The peace and Quiet here just suck you in... Kinda like my hammock! After his
lunch he was supposed to get me for a Swim. But I guess this is as Far as he got!
Hard to believe it's almost August and the end of summer is just around
the corner. The size of the Hostas gives away  the time of year though
The same way this Flush of phlox and black-eyed Susan's do
There is a Bee for every bloom here! All I hear is buzzing...
As beautiful as the Bloomers and the gardens
are, this is still my Favorite spot outside!
Someone needs to get out of the Hammock and come play with me!
Until he does I'm just going to Float around and stare at the trees
Our trip Friday to Pittsboro reminded me why I prefer this
area of North Carolina more. It's all about the trees! The further
east you go, the Less you see trees like this. Out there it's all Pine trees
and sand. My part of the State is lush and green. The way I like it!
Yup! It's late-Summer... Here come the Stormy skies!
Thick clouds and rain drops Pushed us out of the pool so I popped
a quick coconut Bundt cake into the oven and took a shower. When I came
downstairs to remove the cake from the oven, someone was in the kitchen
unpacking groceries! We promised we weren't going to Leave the house today. For
any reason! His reason? He wanted to try the honey-Catalina salad dressing
he found in the pantry this morning and we were Out of lettuce  
I can't say I minded... Besides, I was in the
mood for my homemade Croutons too!

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