Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer-time For sure!

Nothing says Summer to me more than that, right there!

No, not the fresh Corn or those peaches... I'm
talking about that. There in the Bowl!

Basil and Tomato from the garden!

Add a Pinch of kosher salt, Garlic, crumbled parmesan
and a tiny bit of Red onion. Tiny bit... so he won't notice

Give it a stir and head outside to the Grill!

Before placing the Bread onto the grill I drizzled Olive
oil on one side. The side that hit the grill first...

Then, I gave each slice a 1/4 turn twist and Flipped them over

and finally, I spooned Summer-time on top

And, after five minutes, I called it a grilled Bruschetta starter to dinner

He called it, Perfect!

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