Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday evening stroll...

past the Smooching tree

And, over to the Veg-patch to check
the cucumbers and tomatoes

You know what this Means, right? It means all the tomatoes
in his Garden are going to turn red at the same time!

Unlike the cucumbers... They're doing it just right. I get
two Perfect cucumbers every day, which is just right!

But it's okay... Because when all these babies are
ripe, I'll be ready with a great Vinaigrette!

Look! I'm so excited about these English boxwoods I found today. At LA Reynolds,
boxwoods this size are priced $125, each. However, we bumped into a little garden
shop today where these 18" Boxwoods were marked $55, each and Half off! I couldn't
believe he wasn't Grabbing them as fast as I was. When I asked why he was Hesitating, he
said the Instructor giving the Master gardener class he's taking said during last night's class
never to buy Ball and burlap plants because during the process of harvesting them, 70%
of the root structure is lost. Obviously, I talked him into disregarding that advice! 

It's evening now... Time for the Sunset to drip down the trees...

and, for the Lightening bugs to begin floating on the breeze!
See the lightening Bugs there on the leaves?

In this area of the Garden it's all about Hostas and ferns

Over here by the Creek it's all about the hydrangea. These however, are
not my Favorite. I like the variegated Leaves but the blooms... Not so much!

These lacecap Hydrangea are really not my
favorite either. And yet, he keeps planting them!

But this... This is my favorite!

I'm about Five minutes too late to see the Ducks in the creek. I can
hear them but they've Moved too far up along now for me to see

I swear I can hear them Thanking me for the dinner I put out for them!

Fish need dinner too!

Always amazes me how Grown-in all these plants around the pond
become in Summertime - because there is Nothing here in winter!

Someone just finished Mowing - Time to pick
my cucumbers and get inside to begin dinner

I almost don't want to go inside. I love this View!

And, this Gorgeous hydrangea in front of
the pool. It gets prettier every day!

Perfect mix of Two of my favorite colors!

All the deck Plants are growing crazy!

They provide the Perfect view from the spa

The roses have Never done better. Keeping them up here on the deck
and away from the Deer is really working out for me this year!

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