Saturday, July 25, 2009

Two more Down!

A few months ago you couldn't turn on the local AM radio station here
without hearing an advertisement for Payne's Antique English stained glass
in Pittsboro. And, since we're on a Quest to explore all 100 North Carolina
counties, it was high time to take a trip to Payne's and Chatham county!

Payne's doesn't Disappoint in terms of the beautiful stained glass they
offer for sale. We met the Owner who talked at length with us about
how these pieces are acquired, most by his dad, and Shipped over for
sale. These pieces, obviously from an English church, are quite remarkable

And, this piece, from a church in Nottingham is spectacular!

All those pieces are for sale. The bear, however, is not!

The owner explained that in England, every house built in the 1930's
came standard with Stained glass windows. However, today, they are being
replaced and, (Gasp!) discarded at a rapid Pace since it is considered better to have
the newer style and more Energy efficient windows. I think you know I would
never trade any of this beautiful Stained glass for dual-paned plainness!

Not in a Million years! We love Vintage stained glass windows and own
quite a Few we picked up at various places in California. There, it was difficult
to find and hard to go Crazy since the prices were outrageous. However, at Payne's
almost everything we liked was Way-affordable! That was a happy Surprise for sure!

These doors are to Die for! Loving the mail slots!

the Owner called this 1880's Nottingham
piece his Pride and joy. I see why. I like it too!

But at this Price, I think I'll let him keep all
the Pride and all the joy for himself!

On to discover Pittsboro now!

After a little Lunch we walked around
the Court house and down to main street

Also in Chatham county, we explored Silar City and Goldston
too. Okay... Now we can check Chatham county off the list of 100!

You got three Photos of the Court house up there because there wasn't
much else in Pittsboro... After Pittsboro, we explored Sanford, in Lee County

I love Trains! The best part of our Visit to Sanford is just behind the train there.. It's
the Sanford Antique Mall - we Strolled through all 18,000 square feet of it!

Outside of Sanford we Passed a sign for
Camelback Bridge... So we had to Find it and have a look!

Sunshine on Deep River - it's 125 miles
long and a tributary of the Cape Fear river

What a great bridge!


and Beautiful too!

More beautiful than the new Bridge, that's for sure...

I could stand here all day... Such a quiet and Peaceful spot

Oops! I guess I spoke too soon. What's all this noise?

Hum... this could prove Interesting to watch!

Or, maybe not... Looks like she's doing fine. Although I'm sure the
little Fish we were just watching and the Crawdads aren't too happy now!

Ut-oh! Now it's interesting...

She's on the Phone. Calling for a Lift, perhaps?

Oh, Look... A quiet little Spider web!

Spinning the wheels seems to have Made it worse... Nothing we can
do for them. And, the Fish and the crawdads probably aren't keen to want
to help either. Oh well... Off we go. We tourists have other Sights to see
besides these Goofy people who brought their Truck to a boat ramp!

Things to see, such as Alston House!
Or... House in the Horseshoe, as it is known

What an Incredible view the Alston's enjoyed here!

Benjamin Williams, a subsequent owner of Alston House and
a Governor of North Carolina, and his Family are buried here

I love the Corn Crib and the sweet little Garden out back

Again, the View!

This was Some house in 1770!

Mrs. Alston and I would have gotten along Famously! But
at my house, she would have had to Remove her shoes...

Here's a Cozy little bedroom

and a Lovely sitting/Game room too

Love the high Ceilings and long windows

I could have Lived here! Except, perhaps without the 169 slaves
the Alston's owned, and most definately without the Outhouse!

Now we get the whole House in the Horseshoe thing...

Alston House. Way off the beaten Path but well worth the drive!

We're in Goldston now. So... No Cursing!

I couldn't believe my Eyes when I saw this here today! I haven't seen
one or thought about it in Decades! But I do remember it well... I remember
spinning around and around on one at a Playground at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma that
mom took us to while Dad was there attending OCS. What I remember the most
about this though is being aware, for the first time, what it felt like to Throw up! 

It's nice to see folks making the Effort at
restoring these great old country homes!

Now that's a Happy tree there in front of the Railroad tracks!

Sure adds to the Charm of Goldston for me... And, I'm
sure it amuses everyone Passing through on the train too!

Bye, Goldston... You're officially Checked off the list!

Before I forget... There are a couple of Things we brought back
home with us from Payne's. I especially liked these Two windows 

But T preferred this sweet little Trio... And, I did too!

So we bought Both sets! Here they are in the Garage tonight... Actually, this
is more of a Before photo since they can't be hung until he Scrapes and repaints
all the frames. Don't know where they'll go in the house just yet. But as it usually
happens with the Things we find - these Windows will let us know where they belong!

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