Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let's do Dessert first!

If you Follow her like I do... Then you already know what's coming! Only
the Best Sheet Cake ever! Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman's blog. If you aren't
reading her Blog every day then we just can't be friends. So hurry over there and
check her out. I'd hate to have to Edit you out of my life! I love her... Despite the fact that
most of her Recipe ideas require me to buy something I might not already have in my
kitchen - which is Really saying something since I pride myself on having it all! This time
though, it's not a $75 ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchenaid stand mixer. Nope.
This time, it's just a shiny new, $6 sheet cake pan. Oh, and Buttermilk, which I never use!

This exercise might seem Strange to you but checking to see if my new
sheet Pan fits into the oven is a must! I never had to worry about such goofy
things in my California kitchen. But when I picked out all new Kitchenaid appliances
to replace the ones here, that just had to go, I didn't realize that choosing the convection
option would actually reduce the size of the oven. That means Convection rendered all of
my beautiful Commercial-size cookie and Baking pans completely useless. Of course, I do try
to remember to take this fact into account Before I buy new pans... But I forgot all about it
yesterday as I shopped for this little cutie. That tends to happen to me. I walk into a restaurant
supply store or Williams-Sonoma and forget all about the Truly important things in life!

Okay, so you've seen me use Sheet cake pans before so
you know I do have them... In my defense though, my Calphalon
sheet pans don't look like Pioneer Woman's sheet pan. And, we all
know recipes don't work unless you have Exactly what you see in
the pictures. Oh, Look! The ducks have stopped by for dinner...

Okay. Back to our sheet Cake making! A lot of sugar, a lot of Flour, a dash of salt

Just a little bit of this Stuff goes a long way to making a Huge
mess! I opened the can and it went Poof! All over the island, and me

I did manage to finally get Four heaping
tablespoons into the melted butter though

Added 1 cup boiling water and let it boil for
30 seconds. Not thirty-one or thirty-two. Thirty!

All that hotness goes right into the Flour mixture

and, you Stir it!

Really... This is much Too easy!

Time to beat up some Eggs!

In go our Beaten eggs, baking powder, Vanilla and buttermilk!

Not bad for my First attempt at a cake not named Duncan or Betty!

This cake batter smells Fantastic! I'm aware Hershey's isn't a
premium Cocoa... But you wouldn't know it by the way this smells!

If this Cake tastes half as good as the batter smells, I'll be very happy!

See you in Twenty minutes!

I hope PW won't mind but I'm using Walnuts in my frosting. Why? Well,
one, because I forgot to pick up Pecans. And two, I have walnuts!

It took my Sheet cake 29 minutes to finish baking

While the cake baked I made the Frosting... One pound, less 1/2 cup
powdered sugar added to melted butter, more Cocoa and milk

Hot cake, meet Hot frosting!

Honestly, all cakes should be this Easy to frost. All I have to do is watch!
It's a Sin to frost a cake this easily. I better schedule my next Confession because
I'll be making this sheet cake again. Even if it does cost me a few Hail Mary's!

I haven't started dinner yet but I can't wait for him to Try this cake!

I can think of Worse things a wife can do to her husband...

While he has dessert-before-dinner on the Deck I better whip the kitchen back
into shape! The best part of standing at the sink in my Kitchen is the view

Especially when there are Furries, like this one, staring back at me!

Dessert is over and the kitchen is
spotless again. Means it's Time for dinner
Why, yes... It is Backwards day!

Grill is hot. Which means it's time for a Carolina
summer thunder Storm to blow in on me now...
Yup! This is me... Grilling filets under my Umbrella in the pouring rain
The plants sure don't seem to mind it!

Okay. It's dinnertime! Don't forget... Make the Pioneer Woman's sheet cake!

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