Friday, July 3, 2009

A run for the Border!

The South Carolina border, that is!

Why? For fireworks, of course! Fireworks that
for some reason are frowned upon in the North State

Frowned upon as in Illegal. But this is why we come... Mortar bombs! Big bang, tons of
pretty Colors - All make for my own Private fireworks show from the comfort
of our driveway, and without the Crowds. A perfect way to Celebrate!

Of course, how much fun we have always depends on how cool John Q. Law
is willing to be... Fortunately, we live out in the sticks. Oh, look! Scary in a Box!
And, they charge lots for it too... Eternal damnation isn't what I'm looking for though

Shoots Flaming Balls... Hum. Think we'll have to skip this one too

These are Interesting but somehow I think blowing up the Flag on
Independence Day, or any other day for that matter, is just wrong

Now these... I need!

And, that's one Huge roll of Firecrackers!

Okay, we've Spent enough now to keep the Pirates here
in braids and Rum, so it's time for us to go!

Can't drive back through Charlotte without a trip to Trader Joe's! This is exactly
why there is always a clean Cooler in the back of my SUV - Brie fillo rolls!

And, my Cooler is especially for these!

I know what we're having for Dinner tonight!

Well, Hello there!

We made a Trip from Kansas to California much like this in 1985,
except my Dad drove my MGB right up into the back of the truck

This one from California seems to be going the Wrong way... I can't remember
whether or not my MBG had those cute little MG mud flaps. The fact that some dirt-
bag stole my Sweet black, 1980 Limited Edition MGB makes everything else
about it a little Difficult to remember. Well, except for those hot Summer nights
cruisin' with the top down. I remember pretty much every Minute of those times! 

It's dinner time! I boiled our Trader Joe's Hofbrau bratwurst in a
bottle of Sam Adams and then finished them on the Grill


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