Friday, July 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

It all started in the Garden!
While I slept, he mowed!
I almost Wish we were staying home...
Right here, just Watching the grass grow!
And, the Bees play...
and the Bloomers turn into Cucumbers!
But instead, we went to Galax, Virginia for the annual Barbecue Festival
They call it, Smoke on the Mountain
Teams from all Over come to compete
and, it seems they take their barbecue Very seriously
But while they do that, we're going to do a Little shopping
at my favorite German antiques and Stuff store
Truly, there isn't a Thing here that I wouldn't Love to take home
(click photos to Enlarge - it's worth taking in!)
I want it all. Especially those Copper bed warmers. I remember
my Oma having them... Crawling into bed, it was always the
warm spot I would go to First with my little Toes
If he let me, I'd buy that Crucifix and kneeler too!
Too cute!
If you're in the Market for a vintage coffee grinder, this is the place!
We decided to Try the Galax Smokehouse down the street for lunch
I don't care for Pork and you know something else? I really cannot
stomach North Carolina-style barbecue. I just don't Understand the
whole Vinegar-based sauce thing they're all so Crazy about. Fortunately,
the Galax Smokehouse serves a Variety of sauces, they allow you to pick your own
and... They serve chicken and a mean beef Brisket. Which meant that we could stay!
From left to right:
Eastern Carolina, Lexington, Virginia spicy vinegar, Memphis and Heat
Allow me to Translate: Ick, Blech, Yuck, Yummy, Not in a Million years
Here's a North Carolina Team out of Shelby, North Carolina
They take this Barbecue thing Very seriously! See that door on the back of
their Trailer? I see Men handling a pig in there. I've got to find a Way in!
I'm in! They didn't mind my Wanting to see what all the Fuss is about at
all and were even Happy to let me take some Photos to show you too!
They sure are all Up in that poor little Piggy's business, aren't they!
After Galax, we took a ride over into West Virginia; however, we decided to
turn around and come back Home because everything (all the Shops) we wanted
to Visit were either closing or closed. So we'll try again tomorrow! And, get an earlier
start. For now, it was back through Virginia and on home. This is is exactly
why I love southern-Virginia so much... These beautiful rolling hills! It's
also the reason I loved Kansas. But Kansas lacks beach-access...
We all know why he loves Virginia... He was born here. But not
here-here. Because, Arlington looks nothing like this part of Virginia!
Arlington is Crowded and makes me feel claustrophobic. This part of
Virginia has the Opposite effect on me. This part fills my Lungs with air!
This is an Interesting house... Very interesting!
See just how Interesting for yourself, here

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  1. Girl you were in my country!! Would you believe I don't have to click on the link to know exactly where you were! I've been in there numerous times and know their story very well! I love the pics of the country side... you probably passed right by my farm!


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