Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

And, on the Fourth of July my brownies can only be eaten in Star shapes!

William's coming over Later. He's not a fan of Chocolate but maybe
the Cuteness factor will make him want to have one of my brownies


This is why it's a Good thing I have a job. Without my job I would
probably do things like this all day long. Until I ran out of blue M&M's,
that is. Seriously, I'm all out of blue M&M's. What do I do now?

I almost Forgot I had these... These will work!

See? There! Perfectly Patriotic now!

Just a guess, but I'm thinking the Guy cleaning my pool
right now would Enjoy one of my patriotic brownies...

Before I run out there though, I think these Bits need to be put away
for later... I see them Chunked up over vanilla ice cream for desert tonight

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