Saturday, July 25, 2009

I would have said Nashville!

After hearing from Kurt at Payne's stained glass yesterday about a big
antique market going on this weekend in Virginia, we decided to go!
First thing I saw as we entered the tent, I liked!

this Dealer is all about the blue!

Look at that big, beautiful Turkey platter!
Could have been mine for only $1,800

Keep America Clean is what it says across the front of the Water tank
above this Portable bathtub set. Neat, but a little too Primitive for me!

These little girls were really Enjoying this train!

We found Kurt's dad! Payne's Antique Stained Glass
brought quite the Selection with them to this show!
This dealer had a bit of a drive!

And, this dealer had the most beautiful Coral
pieces I've ever seen. The chicken cracked me up!

I almost bought this Noah's Ark set. But I'm not
sure Noah's Ark had sails - So it didn't seem right...

I loved this piece, and if the Dealer wasn't asking $3,200, it would
be in my House right now. The dealer told me it was once part of a very
old Butcher's shop sign. I think it's Fantastic. I'd call it, Cowboot!

This is the smallest Saddle I've ever seen!

This piece caught my Eye right away...

It is Gorgeous!

Have you ever seen so many Grave-robbers, I mean antique dealers, in one
place? I think this is the Largest outdoor antique market we've attended yet!

This was fun but I didn't find Anything I couldn't live without. The same
cannot be said for you-know-who. He always finds something. Or three...
Time to go Explore the town of Abingdon now!

Another beautiful Train depot in Abingdon, Virginia!

Across the street from Barter Theater is the Martha Washington Inn and Spa

Coming back to Abingdon and staying at this Inn is on the list!

Washington County Courthouse, Abingdon, Virginia

Less than 20 miles from Abingdon is Bristol Tennessee!

Did you know that Bristol Tennessee is
the birthplace of Country Music?

Neither did I! I would have said
Nashville. And, I would have been wrong...

Downtown Bristol Tennessee

Look, Mom and Dad! I'm in Tennessee...

And, now... I'm in Virginia! We're going to Explore the Bristol
antique District now... I hope everything I want to Buy is on the Virginia
side though because the taxes in Virginia are 4.5%, whereas the
sales tax in Tennessee is 9.5%. That's higher than Monterey... Wow!

I love this! A patriotic Snowman. Who knew? I've never seen a Patriotic
Snowman before. I wonder if he might like to live in North Carolina?

Bristol - a Good place to live. That's Interesting... I mean, why
just Good? Why not say a Great place to live? I guess good, is good!

If we weren't in such a Hurry to make it home for a swim before
the sun goes down I would have suggested we stay to see the
sign all Lit up. Maybe next time... My pool is Calling my name!

Monument to Confederate Soldiers in Bristol Tennessee. Or,
maybe it's Virginia? Really, I am Not sure any more...

Every town we have Visited this weekend has
had a Train depot. Hum... Coincidence? I think not!

Welcome home, my Patriotic little Snowman!

Too cute... Now I can't wait for the Holidays to arrive!

See Bing there behind the Kitchen island? I don't think he's
loving this as Much as I am! This could get Ugly, so I'm going to
run outside for a swim and let these Guys work it out!

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