Monday, July 27, 2009

Did you get the License plate number?

Because my mixer has been in a Horrible accident
A hit and Run too... Oh, No!

Coming home started out well... Bing was in the Kitchen waiting
for me. As if he knew how excited I was about my new mixer!

I've been Excited to come home all day since he called this
morning to tell me my new Mixer was delivered. All day I've been
thinking... Will it fit under the cabinet on the Counter, or will I have to
make room for it up here, next to the last anniversary mixer Kitchenaid
put out fifteen years ago? I was so Hoping for the counter!

And, there it was!
Even the Box was pretty!


This didn't look good... But I was still Hoping the
damaged box wouldn't equal a Damaged mixer

But it did! Seeing all the chipped Candle-apple red paint
and Crumpled metal was almost too much to take. Kinda reminds
me of the 1968 Candy-apple red VW Bug I was driving the day
that Uninsured 17-year old driver rear-ended me in 1988  

I would have unpacked it Completely to test for under-the-Cabinet
placement, but the bowl is broken too so I can't move it around too much
more, lest I cut myself. It's bad... Even Bing looks devastated by this!

Although I think he's getting
over it more quickly than I am

No, no, Bing! It's not nap-time, we have a Mess to clean up!

Okay! Our poor, Wrecked mixer is back in the box, and Williams-Sonoma
said they will send UPS back tomorrow to pick it up. Looking at the box, I can't
help but think that Perhaps a FRAGILE sticker or three, on the box might have helped
avoid this tragedy! I just called my local Williams-Sonoma store and they are holding
a new mixer for me to Inspect tomorrow. I'm not Risking another home delivery! 

I also received another package today. I found these white,
vintage Fire King cereal bowls through e-Bay last week and just
had to have them. And, look... Not broken! Not these four...

or these Four! All eight bowls arrived in Perfect condition. If only
Williams-Sonoma could have done the same for me and my Mixer today!

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