Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Retro-desert time!

I put all that Nervous energy I was feeling after Dad's surgery to work last week by
cleaning out every Drawer and cabinet in the house. Way back in the Pantry I found this

When I was fifteen, my Tante Renate gave this Betty Crocker
recipe card box to my mom. I can't be certain but I believe I remember
something about each packet of Cards arriving separately, until the box set
was Complete, A, to Z. What I do remember clearly though, is spending hours
upon hours reading these cards and studying the photographs. Eventually, I began
to use this box of recipes to Learn to cook with my mom. Good times. That's what it
was - Good times. Kinda funny now how this one packet of, Lite recipes is still sealed.
If I received this box today, it would be the First packet of cards I would open!

Look at this! I haven't thought about this in a Million years. Or, at
least 24! But I remember making this pie over and Over again. As if
it were yesterday. It's called, Lite n' Fruity pie. Pretty simple too. Just
a (4-serving) box of Jell-O, 1 tub of Cool Whip and a graham cracker crust

I made this pie a lot the year I graduated High school
in Kansas. And, the following year when I married in 1985, it
was one of the First deserts I made for my new husband
See the date at the bottom of the page?
(click photo to enlarge)

I'm thinking it's high Time to revisit the past!

Look how much the Packaging graphics
for Cool Whip have changed since 1984

These packets of Marigold seeds were in my Old recipe box too. They are
marked, Packed for 1987. How fun is that! I wonder if they would sprout...

Look! Someone has been Busy in the garage this afternoon... The last
four doors have Magically been painted. I'm really hoping some retro-Pie
will help him forget that by my changing the Style of the doors, we had to replace
every door in the house instead of just the Three that were damaged. He is
not convinced yet, but I think the extra Effort and expense is Worth it! 

I love the look of the New doors. Very much! 

Time for a walk around the gardens... The giant
hostas of Summer are calling my name!

Have you ever seen Hostas so amazing?

His day lilies are nice too. I couldn't Wait to have him add them to the garden.
Until he told me the blooms only last a day. Hence, the name, day lilies!

Back to Lite n' Fruity pie making! Adding 2/3 cups boiling water to Jell-O

dissolve Jell-O in boiling water - then I add 2 cups of ice
cubes and Stir until Jell-O is thickened - about 2 minutes
Brandon called so I stirred a bit longer than I should have!

Now, mix in one Tub of thawed Cool Whip to thickened Jell-O

Mix up until Evenly combined

Chill 20 minutes until mixture is
just Semi-set. Then it's time to Fill a shell!

This brings back such Memories! Carefree summers, newly married,
and no thoughts whatsoever about Cool Whip being evil...

Now, it's off to Chill 4 hours or Overnight. Something tells me we're not
going the four hours because Someone has already asked me if it's done yet!

See? It's only been Three hours. Sure smells fresh and
Fruity, that is for sure! Just the way it did 24-years ago

24 years too long. Yum... Come to Mommy!

Okay. Gotta stop now. June just slipped in July. And, it's back to the
Chilly-zone for our Retro-pie. Until tomorrow my sweet, Fluffy little friend!

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  1. I have a recipe boox just like this that my grandmother got for me at a garage sale several years ago. It's green and sits on my bookshelf next to all my cookbooks.


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