Saturday, November 29, 2008


Before I take you to the Antiques Spectacular that wasn't let me show you that Mr. Bunny made it up onto the wall in the kitchen this morning! Good things do happen while I'm in the shower...
This smaller Coral piece is the one I picked up in Greensboro last night
I could probably Add just a few more pieces to my Table
but any more and I won't have a spot left to lay my book!
We decided that since Scott let us know that he won't be able to come up to go
to the semi-annual Antique spectacular with us Tomorrow, we'd knock it out today. We've been
to this Show each year since moving to Winston-Salem and I must tell you that this year it's
been a Huge disappointment. We noticed in May there were less vendors and today
was the same. We estimated there were less than Half the vendors we usually see 
Despite the small number of Vendors, there were some Interesting things
to see... I mean, of all things, I didn't expect to see Jack Ruby's suit jacket
Lots of trinkets...
And, some Interesting furniture
Hum... Not sure what to call this
I loved this Heisey cream and sugar pair but the Last thing
I need is to start another Collection so I left it for someone else!
More glass!
Some interesting Clocks. We've seen that Treasure Island banjo clock (left center)
before at an estate Auction. At this show they were asking $750.00 for it
I picked up this old square Planters canister and promptly Filled it with
Chocolate chips for baking. The canister is Original; however, the lid
is not. Nevertheless, I like it just fine. And, I've decided to stop hunting
canisters and Storage jars because I am, OUT OF COUNTER SPACE!
This was Worth making room for though!
Wonderhubby really liked these Lincoln-reading-to-his-son Bookends but he was not
willing to pay the Dealer the $175/firm he was asking. Yes they are bronze, yes they are Signed,
and they are dated 1922 but at $175, he still Walked. I liked them too so while he was in
the bathroom I went back and Offered the dealer $125, cash - My Firm and, he took it! 
There's the Mount Vernon banjo clock we picked up last year... We think
it's much Better than Treasure Island and we paid far, far less than $750!

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