Saturday, November 1, 2008

Metrolina Spectacular

A friend at Work asked me Friday if we have ever been to the Metrolina Spectacular in Charlotte. Since we haven't, we decided it was time to Check it out. Spectacular just about sums it up... There was something for Everyone there. We walked more today than we probably did the Whole four days we toured Washington, DC and Northern VA last month. I must say that I managed to walk (and sometimes ran) twice as much because I kept having to dash back to the Truck with things we didn't want to have to Carry around. Metrolina Spectacular is a must-do and See! We'll be back because I doubt we Got around to seeing everything...

Pink and purple Christmas trees
I'm a long way from being an Al Gore fan, but I do so totally Believe that re-
buying and reusing Estate items is the ultimate way to Recycle to save the Planet!
From this Dealer we bought two sets of Bookends. A set of
bronze End of Trails and a set of bronze Valley Forge. We were both
quite impressed by the Willingness of Dealers to cut prices here. This 
dealer was asking $115 for the End of Trails set and $85 for the Valley Forge 
set; however, when I asked him his best price he said $130 for both. When
I asked him to consider $100, cash for both sets, he agreed! 
Pyrex and corning Heaven!
Love those Vintage spice racks too!
This dealer offered nothing but Mid-century lamps - Fantastic!
Have you ever seen this Much flatware in one place?
There are literally hundreds of dealers selling wares out of Storage
lockers like this one that line the streets of the Metrolina Expo grounds
Kitchen-kitsch Galore!
Now there's a Conversation piece - A, "Burglar Proof" grave vault
The scary thing is that it Looks used...
A lamp made from Roadkill... And, check out the tag - It's Sold!
Like I said... Something for everyone!
And this piece was meant for me! It is a 20-carat Spinel set in 14kt white gold
accented with tiny Diamonds. I could not pass it up! I'd never heard of the
Spinel gemstone before I saw this pendant today but the Dealer told me (and I
verified it on-line using her Laptop) that what most people mistake for rubies in
Crown jewels is actually Spinel. Whatever they may or may not be, I just Love it!  
The dealer was also Selling a huge assortment of Jewelry store fixtures so I picked up
this Ring holder for my anniversary band and the necklace/earring stand for my new
Spinel pendant. They lend Easy access to my pieces inside my Jewelry cabinet 
The find of the Day was this Wise Old Owl coin bank from the 40's I added to my Collection
One dealer was asking $25 but just as we were leaving I saw this one with another
Dealer and when I asked price, he said $5. I didn't want to Break another hundred
so I asked if he would take the last four singles I had an he did. Score!
Look at these! I haven't seen these in Years and years... They were a must-have!
One dealer had the Ghost marked $28 but took $20 for it and another dealer,
who had the Pumpkin and cat had $35 on it but settled with me for $25 
Name one thing Cuter in Halloween decoration than this Pair!

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