Saturday, November 8, 2008

Okey Dokey in Salisbury!

Spent the day Exploring the town of Salisbury, North Carolina - also known as Elizabeth Dole's hometown. Any way, we started at the Civic Center where there was an Antiques Festival and auction to benefit the Rowan County Museum. After that we dropped into the Okey Dokey and Company General Store. We've been once before but This time, without the boys, we had more time to Piddle... So we piddled!

Click any photo to enlarge...
So much to See...
And, to Choose from
Check out this old Hoop cheese slicer - Love it!
I love the Smell of these old shops - Especially when they're baking Brownies!
The smell of handmade Lavender soap, Candy, old wood floors... 
What could be better? We bought a couple of Bottles of Ginger Ale and headed
out. After Salisbury we Explored Faith, NC where you couldn't turn around
without Bumping into a Church, Pleasant Garden and Concord. It was a Full day!

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