Thursday, November 27, 2008


Somehow, it all came together... Let me show you how!
Let's make Stuffing
a pound and a quarter of Sausage - I mixed some Sweet and mild
all Browned up and ready to go...
the morning Sunshine on my dried Cranberries and cherries
sweet Yellow apples, celery, Onion and butter
Of all the Pampered Chef stuff I have, the Herb Keeper is my favorite 
Adding white Wine and parsley to the Aromatics
almost looks like Stuffing!
Ready for the oven...
Corn pudding. And, he said mine is Much better than she used to make!
In my Next life I'll have double ovens...
In goes the Breast
Table is all set. Won't be long now...
Green beans with pine nuts, Crispy prosciutto, lemon zest and lemon juice
My first Attempt at roasted Butternut squash. It was so good,
I may Never make sweet potatoes again!
toss with Melted butter, brown Sugar, kosher salt and bake
Onto a baking sheet and into the Oven at 400 degrees until tender
The stuffing and Corn pudding are Ready for service!
This little Chipmunk knows it's Thanksgiving too
and he knows Where the buffet is...
Inside this Bird feeder! Skinny cheeks going in...
Chubby cheeks coming out!
This is my Version of don't-ask-don't-tell...
Cheater mashed potatoes - Yukon gold, the Best!
I just added the Butter, heavy cream and salt. Shhh...
Chubs is still at it on the Bird feeder...
Let's Eat!

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