Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cheater Cookies!

When I went to Bed last night the plan was to Sleep in this morning... But things have a way of Happening and before I knew it I was out of Bed before 9AM. I couldn't wait to get downstairs and to Clean the house! Odd, I know but cleaning often Leads to rearranging things, which leads to Decorating...

So I brought out the Pilgrims for Thanksgiving
See the Feather? It's from one of the many
 Wild turkeys that roam our yard in the evenings!
And this little Turkey is my Favorite!
Brandon made it for us in the First grade - 1994

In the middle of my Cleaning I decided to go Grocery shopping, which
brought on an Hour of Cleaning out the refrigerator. There's nothing 
better in the Kitchen than a spotless refrigerator. Too bad it won't
Look like this Five minutes after the boys come downstairs...
All the Cleaning I did this morning Gobbled up the time I set aside to
Bake cookies so while I was at the Market I picked up Cheater cookies...
This so beats dragging out the Kitchenaid and measuring Flour!
And, you would have Cheated too if this was the View that
greeted you after your Market shopping (and stop at the car wash)
My love, also Known as my personal Gardener (because I have no use
for a Personal chef) has been busy Planting all the stuff I picked out 
at the Nursery last weekend. How cute are these Pines!?
This new Japanese Maple I selected is to Die-for! 
Hello my babies...
I love how the Water parts the fallen leaves in the Creek
Mellow yellow
this Yellow reminds me of Sunshine
Just another Spectacular Autumn in North Carolina

A little bit of Every color
The ferns are Still hanging on
More creek Leaves... Gosh! I just remembered I have Cookies in the oven!
I made it back into the Kitchen just in time... Crisis averted - They are perfect!
I took a Few warm ones Out to him in the yard with a cup of Hot apple cider
Now for a Quick batch of smaller cookies - Pepperidge Farms
has me covered on the Oatmeal Raisin so after this, I'm done!
Another great thing about Baking cheater Cookies... 
Aside from the ease and Lack of mess baking them creates....
Is that they Get me back outside in record time. I told him earlier that
I wished the Leaves would stop covering up my Beautiful lawn
 so while I was inside taking the Cookies out, he Mowered them up!
I Love, love, love my Yard
No place I'd rather be than right here...
Eating a warm Cheater cookie, of course!

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