Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why yes, they Are!

Mark Mason, owner of TimeStar Technologies in Atlanta sent me this gorgeous orchid arrangement Thursday to thank me for my work on a project he's doing for us at Hanes - I brought them home yesterday to enjoy them here. They really added to my enjoyment of the deck this morning! 
Yesterday several people at work stopped by my pod to ask if these flowers were from my Garden. I told them, "Why yes they are, but the commute from my home in Hawaii is really beginning to get tiresome." Ha! I mean, hello? this is North Carolina and he's an good but he's not that good!
A perfect lunch for the beginning of my long weekend! German weisswurst with chopped tomato, onion, two mustards and sauerkraut - Yum! I may just eat them every day this weekend!

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