Friday, May 16, 2008

As good as it Gets!

It's 10AM..., I'm there but which ticket package to choose?! There are so many... Terrace and Lawn for $10, Pavilion for $35 - Wait! Gold Circle and Premiere for $60 sounds good... BUT under all that I spy, "Artist VIP Package" with the following invitation (obviously meant for me...) There is a VIP Package for $150 that includes a premium concert seat, a free CD, and entrance to a private pre-concert reception at which limited beverages and refreshments are provided and an exclusive meet and greet experience with Bryan Adams and Foreigner


I'll have two of those, please!

Added to cart and Confirmed purchase for:
Section TWO (center stage), row ONE, seats 36 and 37 - and, I added VIP parking too!

Mr. Adams is in for quite a Treat!

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