Sunday, May 25, 2008

Outside where the living is Easy!

A perfect ending to a perfect day - That's me sleeping in my hammock located in the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood and quite possibly in all of the City!
Lunch on the deck
Every time the sprinklers come on it sounds like we live
on a Golf course. Thank goodness we don't though because who 
wants to hear mowers and blowers first thing in the morning? 
Every day in this hammock looking over this yard feels like a Gift
Staring up at the big, blue sky
Look closely and you'll see Ducks on take off...
Just when I thought this arrangement couldn't get any prettier 
he adds one of his rhododendron blossoms and makes it so
We're off to Thomasville in the morning to take in the area's only Memorial Day parade. See you there!

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