Saturday, May 31, 2008


I went back for more Beachy-bedding today - I picked up another duvet set from the Santa Barbara line. This one has a border of sweet little sea shells - Cool, crisp linens. Perfect for Summer! The fact that it looks fantastic on my new bed is a Bonus
Hard not to enjoy Sea shells!
Another must for today was to find a television to fit
the new armoire better... Hanging on the wall the old TV
looked so big; however, in the cabinet it looked ridiculous
That's Better!
I bought the biggest television the new cabinet will hold. The 
opening is 42" door-to-door and the television is 1/8th of an inch 
under 42" - It doesn't get any closer than that! The guy helping me 
thought I was a nut to buy a almost 42" TV for an exactly 42" 
opening but I told him I could work an 1/8th of an inch to my 
advantage better than anyone else he'd meet today - And, I was right!

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