Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday... A long One!

From the Greek Festival to a Night-time auction... It's been a Long day!

We began in Winston-Salem at the annual Greek Festival held at the Greek Orthodox church. It truly is a beautiful Church
This gentleman was describing the Greek Orthodox church service - The more he described the more I thought of how closely it follows the Catholic Mass I'm used to
Beautiful windows and wall paintings inside the Church

On the way out we grabbed a Gyro. Opa!
Last week on the way back from moving Brandon out of his dorm at ASU, Brandon spotted a bright yellow car at a dealership high above highway 421 just outside of Boone - As many times as we've made this trip back and forth to Boone I've never noticed this car dealership. Perhaps it's because I'm always fixated on the gorgeous mountain scenery and Christmas tree farms... 
There are Christmas tree farms all over this area
But what they noticed was this 1970 Ford Maverick Grabber
So I was dragged up to Boone today to take a closer look and test drive...
And, I hate it. I think it's ugly and loud and whatever it is about this super-special engine they have in it that makes it worth the $10,000.00 asking price, I just don't get
Nevertheless, you-know-who thinks it's a Must-have - the hotrod he's always wanted! I thought the hotrod we always wanted was the convertible Malibu John Travolta drove in Pulp Fiction! Any way, I had to take these photos so he can deliver them to his mechanic-friend next week for his opinion about buying this car. So far my opinion (No-way and NEVER!) hasn't gotten through...  But I'm hoping it will because I really, really don't want to see this car ever again!  
On the way back down the mountain we stopped in Wilksboro where we strolled through cute little antique shops like this one
Hoping to distract him further we then we stopped by Great State Auction - They are the ones that did that Elkin auction we went to a month or so ago where I picked up the Roseville pottery. We are now on their mailing list so Thursday we received a card inviting us to the auction they planned for today. The auction began at 4 o'clock and was still going strong when we finally left at 10PM 
Rows and rows of Stuff!
What kept us around is the fact that there were hardly any people so box lots and single items were selling for next-to-nothing, compared to the prices we've seen for the same in retail shops. For instance, I picked up this Fireking grease jar below for $15 whereas I rarely see them for under $65. I also picked up these two Fireking batter bowls for $5.00, for the pair. All three are perfect and I think they look great in my kitchen cabinet tonight!
I also picked up this sweet piece of Weller pottery in the Dogwood pattern you see there on the left and the glass dresser set, which came in a lot with the little dish in front of the Weller, which is marked Germany. The tall Vitamin jar is something I picked up at another antique shop on Main Street in Wilksboro and the French note cards are from yet another shop. I really like the Vitamin jar - it's from a Rexall pharmacy, circa 1960'ish and the label for the type of vitamins it held is still completely legible on the back - At the auction we also picked up a gorgeous vintage Aladdin glass oil lamp in the Lincoln drape pattern, a Sessions banjo clock that has a painting of Mt. Vernon on the bottom and a few other pieces, that at almost 1AM escape me!   
I do hope you enjoyed your Saturday! Tomorrow you'll find me sitting in the yard watching the grass grow or taking a nap in my hammock - Nothing and no one can stop me!

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