Sunday, May 11, 2008

What do I have in Common with Wikipedia?

Well, I'll tell you! Some of my photographs have just been published in an article written there on Orton Plantation. No really! See them at:

If you click on any of the top three pictures on the right side (near the bottom) of the article, you'll see that they're mine, and that under the licensing agreement I issued I am given full credit! You will likely note that the top picture of the Orton house is also mine (posted here on my Blog first) but for some reason I'm not given credit for it. No biggie... You and I know it's mine and that's all that matters!

How can this be? That I my photos made it to Wiki, You ask... Well, it's a Blog-thing really, because last week a nice guy named Josh, a self proclaimed History nerd and professional writer from Washington DC, contacted me for permission to use my pictures after a Google search for Orton Plantation referred him to my Blog. Josh said he really liked my pictures and thought they were just what he needed to round out the article he was writing for Wikipedia. So, since one of my secret passions is to be a photojournalist, I of course said, Sure! Oh! Josh also said he loved my photos of wine-glass-mouse but so far, he doesn't have an article to go with those - Ha!

Any way, I love the article Josh wrote on Orton Plantation and must admit my photos really do help bring it to Life. So I guess if my career in Underwear doesn't pan out and shopping ever gets old I've got something to fall back on.

If shopping ever gets old... Sometimes I crack myself up!

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