Sunday, May 4, 2008

The perfect Escape

Fortunately for me I have the perfect Escape just outside my back door. It's exactly what I needed today, to spend the whole day, sun up to sun down in this beautiful space... Let me show you what I saw:

The sky pencils by the pool have doubled this Spring
A brand new Butterfly
His wings still crumpled up and moist
New Wisteria on the arbor
The last blooming Dogwood tree - Look at the leaves and how 
the color seems to bleed out of them at the tip
Mid-day light on the Path
Hostas, hostas, hostas
I put a handful of Black oil sunflower seeds on the 
path and suddenly a chipmunk appeared to Hoover it up!
All gone - Chipmunk Cheeks!
Too cute
pink Astilbe
Pale pink Iris against white Azalea
The bird watcher was being Watched by
daddy Cardinal - Enlarge photo to see!
And these are his Babies - Not robins after all
they are baby Cardinals!
My hammock tree is Back!
Snowball Hydrangea peeking over the Pool fence
It's Official! The pool is uncovered so it Must be Spring
The clematis by the Fountain is blooming
Here they come - Mr. and Mrs. Quackers
Now they see Me
Having a snack by the koi Pond

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