Sunday, May 18, 2008

Meet Brandon's little Buddy!

Ibiza or, Biza (pronounced like Pizza but with a "B") for short.

When I asked, Why Biza? and Brandon replied, "She's named for Ibiza, an island belonging to Spain that I cannot wait to visit." The first thing I thought after hearing this naming explanation is that Ibiza is pronounced Ibitha with the z as the "th" sound in Spanish - and then I thought... Whatever, I just hope the bird gets to go with him. Funny, the things you learn about your son when you buy him a bird! Huh?

Here they are - Biza and Brandon, hanging together in the Solarium
In case you're wondering... My little bird, Snow was evicted today from her
spacious new cage so she's back in the condo. Brandon said Snow's new cage fits Biza
better and I cannot disagree - However, when Biza and Brandon get their own place, it's
understood that Snow returns to her Manse. And yes, this is Brandon's bird. Quakers,
or Monk Parakeets as they are also called, can live to be thirty years old and I have
no interest in making a 30-year commitment to a bird! I had my boys early for a
reason... Today, they are twenty and seventeen at a point in my life where there
is still plenty of time to enjoy myself so I'm (almost) ready for them to leave my nest.
I've always said that I cannot wait for the boys to have a Life of their own - But I also
mean for them to have their fabulous Life out on their own... Not move it into my house!
In the meantime though, Brandon and Biza are perfectly welcome!

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